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Case 0-1: Find Katey Zombrex is the first case in Dead Rising 2: Case Zero.

Between Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2, Chuck Greene flees Las Vegas with his daughter Katey. In need of fuel and looking to stock up on supplies, Chuck and Katey stop at the small desert town of Still Creek. Shortly after their arrival a containment zone is breached and the undead begin to shuffle into town. Then someone steals Chuck’s truck.

With Katey needing a shot of Zombrex very soon, Chuck searches Still Creek for the drug, and a way out of town. He leaves Katey in the gas station to find Zombrex. After traveling through the small town, Chuck discovers a road block with an overturned ambulance which may have Zombrex inside.[1][2]



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Brockett Gas Station safe house[]


Brockett Gas Station, larger map found at Still Creek#Map.

After the Introduction, and two screens explaining Zombrex,[4] Chuck will begin the game in the Brockett Gas Station. The Brockett Gas Station is a safe house where the game can be saved, where Chuck can escort survivors too, and create combo weapons with the maintenance bench. Katey will wait here the entire game. There are several weapons in this room.

Chuck's first Combo Weapon[]

Dead rising 2 case 0 very beginning safe house

Pick up the Box of Nails.

Dead rising 2 case 0 very beginning safe house (7)

Pick up the Baseball Bat.

Chuck has the opportunity to make a Combo Weapon immediately. As the game starts, in front of Chuck is a door. To the left of the door is a Box of Nails and a Baseball Bat.
Pick up both the Box of Nails and the Baseball Bat.

Dead rising 2 case 0 very beginning safe house (3)

Place the first weapon on the work bench.

Dead rising 2 case 0 maintenance room explanation

Game screen explaining how maintenance benches work, click to enlarge.

Walk to the brown maintenance bench. A yellow action icon with a hand will appear prompting Chuck to "Place Item". Press the B button button to place the first item on the bench. An explanation screen will appear, explaining how maintenance benches work. A blue wrench action icon will then appear, prompting Chuck to combine. Press B button again.

Dead rising 2 Case 0 combo card aquired

Combo card acquired Spiked Bat

Dead rising 2 Case 0 combo card explanation screen

Explanation of Combo cards.

Another cutscene will begin, showing that Chuck has made his very first combo weapon, a Spiked Bat, and explaining what a combo weapon is.

Adjacent rooms in the Safe House[]

In the adjacent room is the main entry where Chuck pushed the vending machine across to stop the zombies. This room has Orange Juice (to the left on the garage door) and Snacks. Pick up at least one orange juice.

Roof of the Safe House[]

On the roof is a sniper rifle near the front of the store. The roof is reached by a ladder behind the main entrance room counter.

Car Scrap Yard[]

Dead rising 2 Case safe house open door to auto yard

Exit the garage

Dead rising 2 Case 0 safe house auto yard

Travel around the derelict cars to the blue shack.

After creating the Spiked Bat and picking up at least one orange juice, exit the garage. The exit Chuck will use is in the garage Katey is in, next to the maintenance bench. The door exits into a car scrap yard, turn left and walk around the derelict cars.

Save Game shack[]

Dead rising 2 Case 0 safe house shack entrance

Enter the blue shack

Dead rising 2 Case 0 saving explation screen saving

Save explanation

There is a small blue shack at the edge of the Auto Scrap Yard. Enter this shack. A Explanation screen appears explaining saving.

Dead rising 2 Case 0 safe house garage (5)

Open the bathroom door directly in front of Chuck

Dead rising 2 Case 0 safe house shack save point

Save the game

In this shack are two doors, one to the left and one directly in front of Chuck. Open the door directly in front of Chuck with the bathroom sign above the door. Here is a bathroom which is a save point. This is one of three save points in Still Creek.[5] Save the game.

Dead rising 2 Case 0 safe house shack (6)

Open the door to Still Creek

The other door is to Still Creek. Open the door.[6]

Still Creek[]

Dead rising 2 Case 0 main street (4)

As he enters Still Creek, Chuck immediately will acquire the Still Creek Map.

Dead rising 2 Case 0 cutscene entering still creek

Cutscene as Chuck enters Still Creek.

In searching for Zombrex, Chuck must travel across this small town to the Quarantine Zone. Turn right, following the guide arrow at the top of the screen. This will take Chuck past the center of town.

Approaching Quarantine Zone[]

As Chuck approaches the edge of town, there is a red quarantine sign and a stop sign. A cutscene begins, starting Case 0-2: Find Zombrex.

Dead rising 2 Case 0 quarantine zone approaching (2)

Red quarantine sign and stop sign.

Dead rising 2 Case 0 quarantine zone approaching (4)

Continue to the next article in the walk through, Case 0-2: Find Zombrex.


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