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Case 0-3: Broken Bike is the third mission in Dead Rising 2: Case Zero.

Chuck must push the utility cart carrying the broken bike inside from the Quarantine Zone back to the Brockett Gas Station.


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Dead rising case 0 damaged bike info

The information screen states:

  • The military is coming at 9:00 PM and they will take Katey into quarantine if they find her.
  • Get the damaged bike back to the gas station for repairs.
  • Get Katey Zombrex by 8:00 PM, repair the bike and use it to escape Still Creek before the military arrives!

After the information screen, the case begins with Chuck behind a utility cart. Push B button to begin pushing the cart. Follow the guide arrow, backtracking back to the gas station.

As Chuck pushes the cart near the door to the safe house shed, the brief full black load screen starts, and a cutscene begins.

Conversation with Katey[]

Continue to the next article in the walk through, Case 0-4: Find Bike Parts.



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