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Walk from the Security Room to Paradise Plaza.

Case 1-1: A Dangerous Encounter is the first case Frank West receives in Dead Rising. It occurs after escaping to the Security Room when the zombies break into the mall, and is activated by entering the hall in the Warehouse toward Paradise Plaza. It consists of a cutscene and is completed after the cutscene ends.

After completing this case, Frank receives a handgun and Case 1-2: Backup for Brad begins.

Overview[edit | edit source]

As Frank approaches the Paradise Plaza door, he hears a sound coming from behind him. Preparing for the worst, he picks up a fire extinguisher and swings it at the source, nearly missing Jessie who he mistook for a zombie. Jessie's reaction caused her to fall backward and sprain her ankle, hindering her mission to assist Brad, who was seen being fired upon in the Food Court. Frank convinces Jessie to let him take her place and she gives him a handgun. Before they part ways, he insists that afterward, they are going to have a chat once the commotion is over.

Frank's first Case: A Dangerous Encounter
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As Frank rounds the corner of the hallway to Paradise Plaza, Jessie McCarney surprises Frank and sprains her ankle. Jessie reluctantly agrees to give Frank her handgun to find Brad in the Food Court, who is in trouble. The Food Court is between Al Fresca Plaza and Wonderland Plaza and is accessed by traveling through Leisure Park.[1]

Frank: Zombies, huh? Had a feeling you'd show up...

Frank grabs a fire extinguisher ready to hit the zombie as Frank turns the corner only to find...

Jessie: Ahhhhhh!

Frank: Ohhh...oh God! It's you! Look, don't sneak up on me.

Jessie: Brad was attacked. I located him on the monitor. Oh!

Jessie falls to her knees

Frank: It's probably just a sprain.

Jessie: I've gotta help Brad... or he's done for!

Frank: Alright, fine... Gimme your gun. C'mon. I'm the reason you just got hurt. Let me help.

Jessie: No! I cannot let a civilian do that. That's against regulations.

Frank: Yeah, well, I don't think they had zombie-infested malls in mind when they wrote those regulations kid.

Jessie: Do you know how to use this?

Frank: Kinda. I've covered wars, you know?

Frank: Look, after I'm through helping you... You and I are going to have a nice little chat.[2]

After the Case 1-1 cutscene, Frank is in front of the exit door to Paradise Plaza. Change from the handgun Jessie gave Frank to a melee weapon (such as the lead pipe) and open the door to enter Paradise Plaza, one of the main sections of the mall.

Case panels[edit | edit source]

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Cases are the series of events that lead Frank West to the truth behind the zombie outbreak in Willamette. When Frank finds out about a case, the case file screen appears. The case panels inside the case file screen list important information, such as if the case is pending or engaged, if it's been solved, or if it's expired. The case file screen can be accessed at any time by pressing Start button and then selecting "Case File" from the menu.[1]

Notes[edit | edit source]

Case expires[edit | edit source]

On Day 1, September 19, 5:00 pm, The Queen cutscene begins in the warehouse. After 5:00 pm:

  1. Case 1-1 is lost forever.
  2. On the pause menu screen, Frank cannot access the Case File.
  3. There is no "The Truth Has Vanished Into The Darkness" notice; Frank simply never gets a case.
  4. If Frank travels to the Food Court, it is full of zombies, and the Case 1-2: Backup for Brad cutscene never starts.

Scoop cues[edit | edit source]

When janitor Otis Washington has important information on a scoop, he uses the transceiver he gave Frank to get in touch with him. A scoop cue is information detailing events and whereabouts of other survivors. As with cases, scoops are time-based. A time gauge appears along the top right side of the screen when a scoop is uncovered.[1]

Otis can be cantankerous and doesn't take lightly to being interrupted when calling Frank. In order to hear him out, Frank has to refrain from using a weapon during a call. If Frank does cause on interruption, Otis typically rings him back a few moments later and begins all over again.[1]

Chop Till You Drop[edit | edit source]

In Chop Till You Drop, this mission is preceded by both Love Lasts a Lifetime and Twin Sisters.[3]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • While the scoop does not have an in-game title, the official guide and other sources name it "A Dangerous Encounter" and "A Chance Encounter".
  • This scoops ends at 5:00 pm. However, if Frank fails this scoop, he does not receive the "the truth has vanished into darkness" message; instead, he just continues doing scoops as if the case never existed.
  • This case is the only time that a fire extinguisher is seen being used as a melee weapon in the game, and only during the cutscene is this seen.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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