Case 1-2: Alive on Location
RebeccaChang 1
Goal Talk with Rebecca Chang.
Destination Fortune City Hotel
Description Dead Rising 2
Rebecca won't tell me her "source", but she'll take me to arena security for now.

Off the Record
I need to find out what that "Rebecca Chang" knows.

Previous Case Case 1-1: Big News
Next Case Case 1-3: Insecurity
Goal icon
Travel to the Fortune City Hotel to talk to Rebecca Chang.
For the Dead Rising case, see Case 1-2: Backup for Brad.

Alive on Location is a case file in Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.

It starts immediately after Case 1-1: Big News.

Dead Rising 2Edit

For the full text and screenshots of the cutscene, see Case 1-2: Alive on Location/Gallery#Meeting Rebecca cutscene

When Chuck arrives at Fortune City Hotel, to meet with the news repoerter Rebecca Chang, she refuses to reveal her source of the video tape that implemented him as the person responsible for the outbreak.

Chuck then offers her an exclusive interview, and in return, Rebecca offers to take him to the Arena's security room. She will wait in the hotel until Chuck is ready to leave. 

Off the RecordEdit

Frank sets out to the Fortune City Hotel to speak to Rebecca about the accusations against CURE. When he arrives, she saves Frank from being bitten by a zombie before introducing herself.

Frank tells Rebecca that he doesn't think CURE is responsible for the outbreak, but Rebecca refuses to believe him. She won't reveal to Frank who her source is, but is willing to listen to his side of the story.

The two strike a deal: Frank will show her an exclusive photo proving his theory if she helps him gain access to the Security Room in the Arena. She agrees to help Frank get to the security office and will wait in the hotel until Frank tells her he wants to go.



Dead Rising 2Edit

Off the RecordEdit

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