Case 1-3: An Odd Old Man
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Location Entrance Plaza
Start Time Time icon Following Case 1-2
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Dead Rising
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Case 1-3: An Odd Old Man is the third case Frank West receives in Dead Rising. It is activated by approaching Everyone Luvs Books in Entrance Plaza, and is completed after the cutscene ends.

Frank follows Brad to the Entrance Plaza where Brad tries to convince Dr. Barnaby to come with them to the Security Room. However, Dr. Barnaby refuses due to him not trusting Brad. Brad concedes that they have no choice but to call for back up, and retreats.

Between Case 1-2 and Case 1-3, Brad will accompany Frank as a survivor. If Brad dies, then the cases will expire. However, it is not necessary that he be with you at all times, as the case can still be completed when he and Frank are in two different areas.

Follow BradEdit

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After the fight with Carlito, check around the Food Court restaurants to find food - the best source is the Wine in Chris' Fine Foods next to the Leisure Park entrance. Other than Well Done Steak and mixed drinks, wine is the best food for restoring Frank's health. There are also several blenders in the food court, each mixed drink gives Frank 6 blocks of health.

If Frank needs weapons, there's a Submachine Gun on top of the entrance arch of Chris' Fine Foods, and a Cleaver in Jade Paradise.

Frank can also get a Prestige Point bonus by shooting all the plates on the wall of Chris' Fine Foods.

Follow Brad Garrison to the entrance of Al Fresca Plaza and go through the door. Brad needs no protection, he takes care of the zombies easily.

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Go through the doors to Entrance Plaza. Once inside, follow Brad over to the control switch to open the door into Entrance Plaza.

Finding Dr. BarnabyEdit

Dr. Barnaby is not happy to see Brad, and the agent cannot convince Barnaby to accompany them back to the Security Room. Brad and Frank go their separate ways.

Dr. Barnaby and Brad argue
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Dead rising walkthrough (31)
Brad stands at the gated entrance of Everyone Luvs Books talking to Dr. Barnaby while Frank watches

Brad: Sir, if you would just kindly come with us, we can wrap this whole thing up.

Dr. Barnaby: No, I'm not leaving until you can guarantee me safe passage through these...

Brad: Just open this gate. It's for you own protection.

Dr. Barnaby: I am not opening any gate, thank you very much! I'm going to stay right here where it's safe! Thank you and goodbye!

Dr. Barnaby begins to walk away

Brad: Dr...Dr. Barnaby, sir! Dr. Barnaby?

Dr. Barnaby: Goodbye!

Dr. Barnaby walks deeper into the store. Brad walks back toward Frank.

Frank: Well, what happened? You cannot just arrest him?

Brad: He turned down my offer to protect him! Said he is not going anywhere until I can guarantee a secure route out of here. Jessie has a direct line to HQ. The first thing we need to do is to call for backup.[1]



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