Case 1-4: Alliance
RebeccaChang 3
Goal Wait for more clues.
Destination Safe House
Description Dead Rising 2
Rebecca will investigate and Stacey will watch the monitors. Together we'll get to the bottom of this.

Off the Record
Someone's destroyed the security room in the arena. Could this be what TK was up to?

Previous Case Case 1-3: Insecurity
Next Case Case 2-1: Sign of Life
Goal icon
Return to the Safe House.
For the Dead Rising case, see Case 1-4: A Temporary Agreement.

Alliance is a case file in Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.

Dead Rising 2Edit

Immediately after finishing Case 1-3: Insecurity, Chuck will receive a call from Stacey. She asks Chuck to return to the Safe House as soon as possible, as Sullivan has just threatened to kick Katey out, after hearing that Chuck is the cause of the outbreak from the local news.

When Chuck gets back to the Safe House, he finds Sullivan arguing with Stacey. Chuck then intervenes and makes a deal with Sullivan. He asks to let Katey stay in the Safe House until the military shows up while he tries to clear his name. If Chuck fails to clear his name, he will allow himself to be arrested. Sullivan reluctantly agrees.

Rebecca also shows up at this point, introducing herself to Stacey and Sullivan. After Sullivan leaves Stacey, Chuck, and Rebecca enter into an alliance. Stacey will continue to monitor the cameras, while Rebecca and Chuck will attempt to find out how the zombie breach occurred.

Off the RecordEdit

Stacey calls Frank after he finishes Case 1-3 asking him to come back to the Safe House. Sullivan saw the news report on television accusing CURE as the cause of the outbreak and is now threatening to kick her out of the Safe House.

Frank walks into the argument going on between Sullivan and Stacey when he returns back to the Safe House. Sullivan chastises Frank for defending Stacey, still convinced that she's guilty. Frank talks to Sullivan, and eventually convinces him to allow Stacey to stay. He remains highly suspicious and says that Stacey will not be able to leave the Safe House under any circumstances.

As she did in Dead Rising 2's case file, Rebecca will make an appearance at the Safe House at this point.

Case DialogueEdit

Dialogue of the case in the Off the Record game files. All text may not be actually used in the final game.



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