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Reach the Security Room.

Case 2-1: Image in the Monitor is the fifth case Frank West receives in Dead Rising.

It is activated by returning to the Security Room after receiving Otis's call, and is completed after reaching Entrance Plaza. It is a cutscene only.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Jessie spots Carlito dragging Dr. Barnaby out of the bookstore on the monitors in the security room. Brad exclaims that if Carlito carries out whatever he plans on doing with the professor, they may never know what's going on. He heads out to rescue him, with Frank deciding to follow him for the story.

Upon activating this case, the gate between Paradise Plaza and Entrance Plaza will open.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Jessie has spotted Carlito dragging Dr. Barnaby out of the bookstore—Brad heads off to rescue the old man, and Frank decides to come along.

Dr. Barnaby is abducted
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Jessie looks toward the monitors

Dead rising Case 2-1 Kidnapping the Professor (2).png

Frank: That cannot be good. What's goin' on, anyway?
Jessie: Before this whole thing started someone called the professor and told him to come to this mall.

Frank: Jacked the line, did ya?

On the monitor screen, Carlito drags Dr. Barnaby out of the bookstore.

Dead rising case 2-1 image in monitor (2).png

Frank: So was this the caller? This guy here? They've got something to do with the zombies, don't they?
Brad: They're the reason we came here?

Dead rising case 2-1 image in monitor.png

Brad: And if he gets away with Dr. Barnaby, none of our questions will get answered.

Brad leaves the monitor room[1]

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References[edit | edit source]

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