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Find the Director's Office keycard, enter the office then defeat the two Hazard Units.

Case 2-2: Infiltration is a Case West case.

In the last cutscene case, the source says that Chuck can find evidence to clear his name in the Director's Office. Chuck and Frank must first find the keycard to the Director's Office.


Dead rising lab keycard name

The Director's Office keycard is in the Research Laboratory. Enter the Holding Pens then travel to the east toward a staircase that leads to the second floor catwalk on the east side of the Holding Pens. This catwalk leads to the second floor entrance to the Research Laboratory. Enter the Refrigerated Containment which will have the Lab Keycard on the counter.[1]

Director's Office[]

After acquiring the keycard, travel to the Director's Office. The door to the Secure Laboratory which includes the Director's Office is on the second floor catwalk of the Loading Bay.

Dead rising secure lab observatory lab keycard used

Reenter the Holding Pens area, climb onto the second floor catwalk near the Security Outpost then head north to the Loading Bay to the Secure Laboratory door after using the lab keycard.

Travel through the room to the windows overlooking the lab below. Open the doorway to the left and walk along the hallway to the director's office.

Enter the director's office, a cutscene begins.[1]

Hazard Units[]

In the cutscene, Chuck and Frank find missing persons reports about test subjects which were abducted and zombified by Phenotrans. Zombrex relies on zombies and is not synthetic as Phenotrans claimed. An angry Frank throws away his Zombrex, which trips a motion detector alarm. As Chuck and Frank are leaving the room, two Hazard Units respond to the alarm and attack.

Dead rising director's office shotgun

There is a Shotgun propped up against the fireplace in the corner. Chuck can stand on the desk and the Hazard Units are unable to attack and he can shoot them at his leisure.

You can also use Electric Prod to attack the Hazard Units continuously, because they seem to have no resistance to electric prod, and the injury feedback animation will be played every time they are hit. This allows you to kill them quickly without getting hurt.

After the attack, another cutscene begins. Frank answers the dead Hazard Unit's walkie talkie, saying that the alarm was accidentally tripped.


Cutscene Text[]




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