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Travel to Entrance Plaza and defeat Carlito Keyes for the second time.

Case 2-2: Rescue the Professor is the sixth case in Dead Rising.

It is activated upon entering the Entrance Plaza, and is completed after Carlito Keyes is defeated. After the case is completed, Frank will be back at the security room.


Frank walks into the Entrance Plaza and is tackled by Brad, who tells him that someone is shooting at them from the floor above with a sniper rifle. Their attacker, Carlito, is seen kissing a pendant and murmuring "Pachamama." Frank notices that Dr. Barnaby is tied up and suspended above a small crowd of zombies, and is nearly attacked by a zombie.

Brad pursues Carlito after he is defeated, and both fire their Handguns at each other. Brad hits Carlito multiple times in the arm, but is simultaneously shot in the thigh. Brad is in no condition to walk, and commands Frank to bring the professor back to the security room.

After they arrive, Jessie tends to Brad and Dr. Barnaby. She tells Frank that Brad is running a fever from an infected wound, and he needs medicine.

Heading to Barnaby[]

Return to the rooftop through the vents; from there, use either the elevator or the maintenance door to get into the Warehouse and then pass into Paradise Plaza.

Dead rising case 2-2 call

Call about the shutter opening

Frank should have already received a call from Otis letting him know that the shutter between the Paradise and Entrance Plazas has opened, which will save Frank a lot of time.

Before heading to Entrance Plaza, stock up with Orange Juice from Colombian Roastmasters. If needed, pick up the hidden Submachine Gun above Shoekin's (see the Submachine Gun article for details). Travel to the Entrance Plaza.

Carlito the sniper[]

Psychopath Carlito[]

Carlito is defeated[]

Brad needs medicine[]

Once Carlito has been defeated a second time, Brad and Frank rescue Dr. Barnaby and return to the Security Room—but Brad has been shot and needs medical assistance. Jessie is able to patch him up, but he will need a medical kit.



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