Dead Rising 2 - Case 3-1: Boom Town Off the Record - Case 4-1: Boom Town 

Case 3-1: Boom Town
Case 3-1 (DR2)
Goal See what TK is up to.
Destination Safe House
Previous Case Case 2-2: Ticket to Ride
Next Case Case 3-2: Run for the Money
For the Dead Rising case, see Case 3-1: The Professor's Past.

Case 3-1: Boom Town is a case file in Dead Rising 2.

A similar mission, Case 4-1: Boom Town appears in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.


Chuck goes to the Safe House to check in with Stacey. After a brief conversation with Stacey and Rebecca about TK's plans, an explosion is felt by the group.

Upon closer inspection of the monitors, it's revealed that TK's mercenaries have started to break into several of the vaults in many of the casinos around Fortune City.

Case 3-2: Run for the Money will start immediately afterwards.



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