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Case 3-1: The Professor's Past is the eighth case Frank West receives in Dead Rising.

It is activated by arriving at the security room after Otis calls Frank, and is completed at the end of the subsequent cutscene.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Brad's condition has stabilized after Frank brings back the medicine. Frank tells Jessie that he saved a girl who mentioned Santa Cabeza. Dr. Barnaby overhears them and says that he thought Santa Cabeza was over and done with. Jessie attempts to get him to tell the truth, but he spots Frank and his camera and refuses to speak. Frank says that he will have to get his information from another source.

Case Cutscene[edit | edit source]

Brad's condition has stabilized so Frank asks Jessie some questions about Santa Cabeza. Overhearing their conversation, Dr. Barnaby gets incredibly riled up, but will not talk to Frank. Irritated, Frank decides to look for another source of information.

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Dead rising case 3-1 cutscene (2).png
Jessie sits by Brad and checks him for a fever

Jessie: He's stabilized.

Dead rising case barnaby and jessie talk close door (2).png

Jessie: He should be fine for now.
Jessie: Are you alright? You have blood on you.

Frank: Huh?

Franks wipes the right side of his coat

Frank: Yeah... Must be from that girl I saved.

Jessie: Girl? Was she hurt?

Frank: I offered to help her but she took off.

Dead rising case 3-1 cutscene (3).png

Jessie: Can't really blame her from running from a guy with your looks.
Frank: (nods) Anyway... She was saying something about Santa Cabeza.

Jessie: Santa Cabeza? I think I-

There is a sound from in the storage room. Jessie opens the door to the storage room.
Dead rising case 3-1 cutscene.png
Dr. Barnaby is on the floor awake.

Jessie: Dr. Barnaby. You're awake.

Dr. Barnaby: Santa Cabeza? I should have known. I thought Santa Cabeza was over and done with... You plan to dispense justice now?

Jessie: Calm down Dr. Barnaby. We're only following orders. We have to protect you...

Dr. Barnaby pushes Jessie away as she leans down

Dr. Barnaby: Protect? More like imprison!

Dead rising case barnaby and jessie talk close door (4).png

Jessie: Professor... If we're going to protect you, we need to know the truth.

Jessie: All of it. Please, talk to us.

Jessie leans down to Dr. Barnaby.

Jessie: I take it you know what Santa Cabeza is? Am I right?

Dr. Barnaby stands and stares behind Jessie.
Dead rising case barnaby and jessie talk close door (5).png
Jessie looks behind her and sees Frank holding up his camera and taking pictures.

Frank backs away and Jessie slams the door.
Dead rising case barnaby and jessie talk close door.png

Frank: Fine. I'll just get my information from some place else, thank you very much!

Frank walks toward the monitors
Frank: Maybe if I could track down that woman again.[1]

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References[edit | edit source]

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