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Collect a detonator and C-4 explosives, then blow up the power generator in the Power Room
For the Dead Rising 2 case, see Case 3-2: Run for the Money

Case 3-2: Blackout is a Case West case. Chuck and Frank need to find a detonator and C-4 explosives then blow up the power generator in the Power Room in order to gain access to the Secure Labs.


The detonator is in the Storage Bay on the middle shelf of a storage shelves, next to the stack of plywood. It is inside of an open box on the middle shelf.

C-4 Explosives[]

Dead rising C-4

The explosives are found in the Security Tower in the center of the Holding Pens. Move up the stairs that lead to the Security Outpost then run across the catwalks and enter the Security Tower. The **C4** is in the southwest counter in the Security Tower.[1]

Destroy the Generator[]

The Power Room is in the Research Laboratory. Go through the Harvesting Room then enter the Gas Control area. The Power Room entrance is to the left. Three security guards will be standing guard outside of the Power Room.[1]

Place the explosives and a cutscene will begin.







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