Dead Rising 2 - Case 3-2: Run for the Money Off the Record - Case 4-2: Run for the Money 

Case 3-2: Run for the Money
Dead rising Case 3-2 Run for the Money
Goal Stop the Heist
Destination Americana Casino
Slot Ranch Casino
Yucatan Casino
Fortune Park
Description I have to stop TK's mercenaries from robbing the casino vaults by destroying those drills!
Previous Case Case 3-1: Boom Town
Next Case Case 4-1: The Source
Goal icon
Destroy the three power drills in the three casinos and the van in Fortune Park.
For the Case West case, see Case 3-2: Blackout

Case 3-2: Run for the Money is a case file in Dead Rising 2.

There is a similar case file, Case 4-2: Run for the Money in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.


Chuck must stop three drills from breaching the three main Casino's safes. There are several mercenaries guarding each drill. Defeat all the mercenaries, then hit the massive drill they are using to crack the vault door. Keep hitting the drill until it becomes inoperable.[1]

After taking care of the last drill, Chuck must travel to Fortune Park, where a van is breaking into the side of the Atlantica Casino. Kill all the mercenaries, then destroy the van.

Destroying the van will trigger a cutscene and end the case. Rebecca was taping the entire fight between Chuck and the mercenaries, and is now starting to believe that Chuck may be innocent. She agrees to arrange a meeting between Chuck and her source—the person who gave her the tape that purported showed Chuck causing the outbreak. Rebecca tells Chuck to meet her at the Shoal Nightclub at 11:00 pm.[1]


  • Run sideways to make it harder for the mercenaries to hit Chuck.
  • Use the environment to try not to expose Chuck to more than one or two mercenaries at a time.
  • Use Linette’s shortcut to quickly reach the Yucatan Casino vault.
  • From now, on Chuck will be able to pass through the gaping hole that remains in the wall where the black van was parked. This is a small shortcut between Fortune Park and the Atlantica Casino vault.

Deaths Edit

  • Multiple mercenaries


Dead rising Tyrone Case 3-2

Tyrone observes the heist failure

  • Chuck must defeat a total of 25 mercenaries at the three drills and the van:
  1. Americana Casino vault five mercenaries
  2. Slot Ranch Casino vault six mercenaries
  3. Yucatan Casino vault seven mercenaries
  4. Seven mercenaries at the van[2]
  • The most famous Dead Rising meme, "I've covered wars, you know" is refered to in this cutscene.
  • Heist at the Atlantica is the name of the last portion of this case with the van.[3]
  • In the PC game file missions.txt, the drill is called a "SafeCracker".
  • In the PC game file items.txt, the mercenaries are spawned/placed in this mission just like zombies, using the line cMissionSpawnZombie and ZombieType = "mercenary" instead of being placed like psychopaths.
  • In the PC game file cinematics.big the closing cutscene is called 037_thwarted.txt.

Blast wall with tinkerbox in background

Original wall in mod.

  • The hole in the wall created by this mission is the one of three known cases of a area changing during the game with the use of flags.
    • The wall before the blast is found in data\models\environment\fortune_exterior\fortune_exterior_n17.big with the file name of n17_atl_ext_no_blast
    • The blast hole and room behind the hole is found in data\models\environment\fortune_exterior\fortune_exterior_n12.big with the file name of n12_atl_ext_blast.




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    Yucatan Casino vault seven mercenaries (Case3-2-DrillYucatan),
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  3. When the case goes in to the yellow zone for time, the game will show the unfinished portions name.
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