Case 4-2: Girl Hunting
Case 4 2
Location North Plaza
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Psychopath(s) Isabela Keyes
Dead Rising
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Case 4-2: Girl Hunting is a case in Dead Rising that involves Frank confronting Isabela Keyes who is found leaving the supermarket. The pair get into a battle in which Frank ultimately defeats Isabela and is able to talk to her.


Isabela is walking out of Seon's Food & Stuff when she spots Frank. Frank tries to talk to her, but Isabela mounts her motorcycle and attempts to run Frank down. Now that Isabela is hostile, Frank must defeat her.

After Isabela is defeated, she falls off her motorcycle. Frank chases her, and insists that he has to talk to her, but Isabela resists and kicks him in the groin. Frank grabs her by the ankle and physically restrains her, demanding to talk to her. Isabela promises not to run, and Frank lets her go.

She says that her brother, Carlito wants them to know that it was America's fault that the zombies were created. Frank demands to be taken to him, but Isabela refuses on the grounds that he's injured and in no mood to talk. She says that she'll persuade him to talk to Frank once he's recovered. They agree to meet at midnight in the empty store next to the camera store in North Plaza.

Battling IsabelaEdit

DeadRising 5DaySurvivor


Dead rising case 4-2 girl hunting (5)

Bring food to this battle.

As soon as the fight starts, Isabela guns the engine of her motorcycle and drives straight at Frank. That motorcycle can do significant damage. Frank can either dodge, or a well-placed shot will cause her to swerve. Frank can alternatively run directly to his right and jump on the boxes – not up the scaffold, but the wall leading up to the supermarket – and Isabela cannot hit Frank and Frank can shoot at her.

If Frank needs to recover some health, climb up onto the scaffolding to get out of the way before eating anything. Don't try to go into Seon's Food & Stuff, as Isabela will escape and the mission will fail.

Melee weapons are effective if the player is willing to risk attacking Isabela from the front when she stops and revs her engine; Frank will inevitably take damage but should be able to pull off a hit or two first. The small chainsaw will defeat her quickly. Frank can hit her from the front with the small chainsaw but he will only get one swing before she runs him over. The best way to engage Isabela in melee combat is go into a corner and hopefully she will get stuck long enough for a few hits.

Frank can also use the juice quickstep to out-maneuver her.

Isabela DefeatedEdit

Isabela defeated cutscene
Dead rising isabela
Isabela slides off of her motorcycle and falls to the ground

Frank: Wait! I've gotta talk to you!

Dead rising case 4-2 girl hunting (8)
Isabela kicks Frank in the groin. Frank grabs her leg then pins her down.

Frank: Would you listen to me!? I'm not here to hurt you! I just wanna talk. Now, whaddya know about all this anyway?

Dead rising case 4-2 girl hunting (6)

Isabela: Are you... a reporter?

Frank nods
Dead rising case 4-2 girl hunting (7)

Isabela: Let go. I will not run, so let go. You're hurting me.

Frank gets off of Isabela

Isabela: How much do you already know? Have you called for help?

Frank: Hold your horses babe, I'm the one asking the questions here. What is Santa Cabeza? And how is it connected to all this?

Dead rising case 4-2 girl hunting (9)

Isabela: The zombies were created by you, not us. That's what Carlito wants you all to know.
Frank: Who?

Isabela: If you want to interview someone, talk to Carlito. He has all the answers.

Frank: You're talkin' about that guy that took potshots at us with a sniper rifle, aren't you? Take me to him.

Isabela: No! Not now. he is injured. And in no mood to talk to anyone. I'll bring him to you once he is recovered. I can persuade him. I'm his little sister, after all.

Frank: Why should I trust you to bring him to me?

Isabela: The zombies are a message from Carlito. He wanted people to know.

Frank: Fine. Go. When will you be back?

Isabela: Tonight at midnight. Wait for us in the store next to the camera shop in the North Plaza.

Dead rising case 4-2 girl hunting
Isabela starts to walk away then turns back around

Isabela: I'm Isabela, by the way. And I promise, I'll come back.

Isabela walks away as Frank nods[1]

Optional CutsceneEdit

After Isabela's defeat, Frank can travel back to the Security Room for an optional cutscene with Dr. Russell Barnaby

Dr. Barnaby
Dead rising russell
Frank enters the monitor room

Frank: You learn anything new on this end?

Jessie: Santa Cabeza is a stronghold of the Central American Drug Trade.

Dead rising case barnaby brad drug zombies (2)

Brad: The professor here seems to think that the zombies are a byproduct of these drugs.

Dead rising case barnaby brad drug zombies (3)

Frank: So you're telling me, what?
Frank: That somebody spread a bunch of zombie drugs around Willamette? For what? What would making the dead come to life accomplish?

Dr. Barnaby: They're terrorist. Don't try to explain their actions with logic! I analyzed the drug in question and I've reported my findings to the government. That must be what set them off.

Dead rising case barnaby brad drug zombies

Dr. Barnaby:They...They didn't want to be... exposed. I've... I've told you everything I know! Now get me out of here! Call for help and kill those creeps!

Dr. Barnaby enters the storage room while coughing[1]

Notes Edit

  • Make sure to have PLENTY of time left to do this mission. If you have a small amount of time remaining, you can beat Isabela and still lose, even if there is still time remaining. You must beat her AND have more than a little time left to complete the mission.




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