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Case 5-2: The Getaway
TK's Helicopter
Goal Don't let TK escape.
Destination Fortune City Hotel
Previous Case Case 5-1: Stake Out
Next Case Case 6-1: Help Arrives
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Stop TK from escaping by destroying his helicopter.

Case 5-2: The Getaway is a case in Dead Rising 2.

The Off the Record case file equivalent is Case 6-1: The Getaway.


Chuck Greene travels to the Fortune City Hotel roof to stop Tyrone King from escaping in a helicopter. There are 4 mercenaries in the hotel lobby, and an additional one when the elevator to the left opens up. Chuck manages to attach a cable from a construction crane to the chopper's landing gear, preventing it from taking off, then brings it down by damaging its engine.

Tyrone is knocked unconscious in the crash landing, and Chuck takes him back to the emergency shelter, where Raymond Sullivan handcuffs him to a gurney so they can interrogate him when he wakes up.

Battling TK's helicopterEdit

Dead rising tk bust


Helicopter Attacks

  • Helicopter Ram The helicopter flies by while the crane has loosened its grip; the helicopter will home in on Chuck's position.
  • Gatling Gun Fire The Mercenary in the helicopter will fire at Chuck with the gatling gun inside.

The helicopter will fly back and forth while above the rooftop and it will try to hit Chuck as it flies by him. Quickly perform Chuck's dodge roll to roll right under the helicopter or crane handle as it moves toward Chuck while he stands near the crane. The helicopter will fly back eventually to try to hit Chuck again, so perform another dodge roll up underneath the helicopter.

Chuck can also stand along the west side of the rooftop to avoid the helicopter's first ram without having to roll, but he will likely have to roll eventually since the helicopter will fly toward his current area on the second time around. The helicopter's ram attack takes around two units of health per hit, so make sure to watch Chuck's life bar carefully during this battle.

After trying to ram Chuck, the helicopter will fly into the air and the Mercenary inside will try to blast Chuck with the gatling gun inside the helicopter. Run to the side and run toward the crane and the winch should be just about ready to winch the helicopter at that time, so prepare to press the button again to winch it and cancel the gatling gun fire. To avoid the gatling gun fire get behind one of the air condition units in the south. The gatling gun will usually fire toward one area, so most of the time Chuck can avoid its fire by running to the side when it starts to fire.

The helicopter will eventually try to fly to the side and hit Chuck as the crane loosens its grip. Chuck will have to constantly winch the helicopter throughout this battle in order to hit it. Press the button on the crane to winch the helicopter. A light on the crane will blink red as soon as the helicopter tries to fly off, but the light will eventually glow green. Once the light glows green, push the button to winch the helicopter then toss an object at it.[1]


Dead rising Military Case

Carry one of the military cases from the hotel lobby to the rooftop so that Chuck starts the battle while holding it. He can toss the military case right at the beginning of the battle. Chuck could bring carry up other items as well.

The helicopter's ram - the ram and crane arm attack and its gatling gun shots can inflict massive amounts of damage. On a fully leveled Chuck, each of these attacks take two bars of health. This is quite damaging when the helicopter can hit Chuck so easily. A player should watch their health while fighting the helicopter.[1]

Dead rising Spot Light

Chuck has anchored TK's helicopter down with the hook on the crane. The helicopter will already be winched by the crane at the beginning of the battle. Chuck should not shoot at the helicopter with a gun - shooting does no good. He should toss objects at the helicopter to damage it while it is winched. Chuck can pick up a whole variety of items on the rooftop such as spot lights, military cases, metal barricades and other objects and toss them off the side of the roof to damage the helicopter. Aim for the top portion of the helicopter while tossing an object to make sure that the object hits the helicopter.

Dead rising Metal Barricade

Smaller objects such as spot lights will take off little damage, but heavier objects such as military cases or metal barricades will take off a bit more damage from the helicopter. There is a cement saw and plywood on the northwest end of the rooftop that Chuck can pick up and toss at the helicopter also.

It's a good idea to throw items over on the side of the rooftop where the helicopter hovers while it is winched. Chuck can toss items over toward the east side if he can't carry them in his inventory. Don't ever run over to grab an object to throw from the west side of the rooftop while the helicopter is winched on the east side or it will likely get away by the time Chuck carries the item over to it. It's really best just to stay on the east side of the rooftop the entire battle and toss military cases and steel barricades at the helicopter to speed up the battle.

Chuck can bring all types of items with him before this battle to toss at the helicopter from the beginning of the battle. He could toss a lawnmower or bench at the helicopter from the start!

Rebecca will be taking shelter behind an air condition unit on the south portion of the rooftop throughout this entire battle.


Dead rising Beer

There is some beer on a patio table on the south side of the rooftop and two orange juices and a vodka across from the table with the beer if Chuck needs some health items.


Chopper showdown
Dead rising tk
As the hotel elevator door begins to close Rebecca rushes to keep the door open.

Rebecca: Not without me, Chuck. You're the best lead I've ever had.

Chuck: Get behind me.

TK: Hey, whoa! Careful with the money, fool! We don't got much left!

Mercenary: Hey, look boss!

TK: Not possible! NOT gonna happen! We're taking off. NOW!

TK: Kill that son of a bitch!

After the helicopter explodes:

Rebecca: Well, that was a hell of a show.

Chuck: He killed all those people. Just for this.

Rebecca: Is he alive?

Chuck: He sure is. He's not even started paying for what he's done. Let's get him back to the safe house.

Deaths Edit

  • A few mercenaries


  • There is an unused sentence in the game text files, right when Chuck returns to the safe house with TK:
    • "Oh yeah! Fortune City indeed, baby, Fortune City indeed! Whoo, ha ha ha, yeah!"
  • Survivors can be taken up to the roof with Chuck though they will not be able to help Chuck attack the helicopter. Leave them in a safe place (behind the vents near Rebecca is a good one). When the mission is completed, the survivors Chuck brought will be sent to the safe house.
  • The Off the Record equivalent case is Case 6-1: The Getaway.



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