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Case 5-3: Two Girls, One Club
Destination Shoal Nightclub
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Defeat the twins and free Rebecca.

Case 5-3: Two Girls, One Club is a case file in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.

Frank West must defend himself against the Bailey Twins, who are armed with katana swords and holding Rebecca Chang hostage. It is similar to the Dead Rising 2 case Case 4-1: The Source.

Overview[edit | edit source]

After defeating either Amber Bailey or Crystal Bailey, the other twin runs to the body of the dead twin and falls to her knees in horror. The living twin admonishes Frank West for killing her "other half", which she proclaims that she cannot live without. She bitterly ensures Frank that he will not leave Fortune City alive. Frank watches as the living twin prepares to stab herself through the abdomen. Although Frank shouts for her not to do it, she does. As the twin is dying, she lies by her fallen sister and peacefully places her hand on the dead twin's head.

Frank grins in disbelief. He heads over to Rebecca Chang, unties her and helps her back on her feet. After some casual smalltalk about Rebecca being tied up, Frank expresses disappointment in her for being reckless enough to trust the Twins as reliable sources. Rebecca refutes Frank by reminding him the Twins had the tape in the first place. She offers to make it up to him with some vital information she heard as a hostage.

Rebecca informs Frank that Tyrone King has another helicopter coming in and landing on the roof of the hotel, so that he can evacuate Fortune City. Frank and Rebecca decide to head there to see it for themselves and intercept TK for an interview before he can get away.

Battle Style[edit | edit source]

See Case 4-1: The_Source#Battle Style

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Broken bond
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Twin: What have you done? She was my... other half. But you'll pay. You will never get out of here alive, Frank. We promise you that - all of us.

[The twin prepares to commit suicide.]

Twin: I'll never be complete again. Never!

Frank: No, don't!

[The twin stabs herself in the abdomen and dies. Frank heads over to untie Rebecca.]

Frank: Come on Rebecca, we've got a story to cover. You just gonna lay here all day?

Rebecca: It's about time. You'd almost think you liked me being tied up.

Frank: They were your source. Seriously.

Rebecca: I know... I'm sorry. But they had the tape. It spoke for itself. Maybe this will make it up to you. I heard them talking earlier. TK's got another chopper coming in. He's getting out of the city. Now. We need to catch him.

Frank: A chopper? We can't let that bastard get away.

Rebecca: Not without an interview. That helicopter is landing on the roof of the hotel.

Frank: I'll be there.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The title of this case is based off popular shock trailer "Two Girls, One Cup"
  • Before the fight, the twins pose provocatively. Frank can take an Erotica picture of one of the twins worth 2000 points to unlock the achievement Adult Content.

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