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Travel with Isabela to Carlito's Hideout in the North Plaza.

Case 8-2: Hideout is the seventeenth case in Dead Rising.

It is activated immediately after completing Case 8-1: Jamming Device, and is completed when Frank escorts Isabela to Carlito's hideout in North Plaza and watches the cutscene.


After the Case 8-1 cutscene, head out onto the rooftop and speak to Isabela, where she is waiting for Frank—until Frank speaks to her, she will just stand by the air vents. It is advisable to leave her next to the vents until Frank gets the elevator cleared of zombies, that way Frank doesn't have to worry about hurting her. Take the elevator down to the Warehouse and out into Paradise Plaza. Cross Leisure Park and enter North Plaza.

Isabela is Frank's "escort" for this mission, and she is not quite as incompetent as other survivors, given that she starts out armed with a handgun and will actually use it. However, she will charge headlong into crowds of zombies in a manner experienced players have come to expect of the game's artificial intelligence; the solution is to arm Frank with a powerful melee weapon beforehand, activate the case's guide arrow, and clear a path for her.

The entrance to Carlito's hideout is down the side corridor towards the Huntin' Shack gun store, in the last empty store on the left. The hunting store should be empty at this point, so it is recommended for Frank to head in and pick up at least a couple of shotguns from behind the counter, before heading to the empty store and entering the hideout.



  • The player cannot bring any survivors with them to the hideout, as Isabela will say that it's too dangerous. The player has to either kill or bring them to the security room to proceed with the case.



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