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Travel to the Meat Processing Area and defeat Larry.

Case 8-4: The Butcher is the nineteenth case in Dead Rising. It is activated upon entering the meat processing area in the maintenance tunnels after completing the previous case. It is completed after Frank defeats the psychopath Larry Chiang.


Frank arrives at the meat processing area to find Carlito captured by an insane butcher, Larry Chiang, who sees him as a slab of meat. Frank attempts to negotiate with him to no avail, and Larry starts up the machine that brings Carlito closer to the grinder.

After Frank defeats Larry, he interrogates a dying Carlito. He reveals that his purpose was to get revenge for the Santa Cabeza outbreak. Frank promises him that he will reveal the truth, but he has to give him the password to the computer first. Carlito, on his last breath, muses about the similarities between zombies and Americans. Just before he finally dies, he hands Frank his locket and asks him to deliver it to Isabela.

If Larry is not killed in time, Carlito will be pulled into the grinder and ground to bits, resulting in failure of the case.

The quickest way to the meat processing area requires the Maintenance Tunnel Key—head down the stairs next to the Paradise Plaza restrooms and take the white sedan. If Frank doesn't have the key, head out across the Leisure Park and use the red convertible.


Introduction to Larry[]

Walking into the meat processing area, Frank finds Carlito being hung up on a conveyor by Larry Chiang, a Chinese butcher who is obsessed with his new source of fresh meat. He wants to grind Carlito up.

Battling Larry[]

Carlito's death[]

Carlito is dying, but still will not give up any information—and insists that his plan still hasn't been stopped. Just before he finally dies, he hands Frank his locket and asks him to deliver it to Isabela.

Larry's meat cleaver will now respawn whenever the player returns to the area, as with most other unique boss weapons in the game.


  • The song that plays during the battle with Larry is "On a Mission" by Hostile Groove.[1]
  • Larry counts toward the "Psycho Collector" and "Punisher" achievements, and is the last psychopath to appear during the storyline, making his battle the last chance to earn these achievements.[10]
  • Carlito ironically dies in a meat locker, when his crusade started over a project to create more meat for Americans.[11]



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