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Casual Gals (Dead Rising)
Casual Gals
Store Number W102
Location Wonderland Plaza
Survivor(s) Debbie Willett
Mindy Baker
Paul Carson
Psychopath(s) Paul Carson
Scoop(s) Long Haired Punk
Dead Rising
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Dead rising Casual Gals PANORAMA
"Browse our racks of specially selected fashions to meet your casual needs."
—Willamette Parkview Mall Map

Casual Gals is a ladies' apparel store on the first floor of Wonderland Plaza in Dead Rising.

It is one of sixteen women's clothing stores in the Willamette Parkview Mall.

The scoop Long Haired Punk takes place here during the morning of the third day.



Dead rising clothing Blue and White Flowery Dress Dead rising clothing Blue and White Flowery Dress ladies space

The Blue and White Flowery Dress is found in the dressing rooms in the rear of the store.


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