Combo Weapons[edit | edit source]

Combo Weapons are weapons that the player makes by combining two specific items together. For example, you can combine a Football with Grenades to make the Hail Mary Combo Weapon. They are learned by collecting blue colored weapon blueprints. Additionally, at the cost of skill points, general categories can be unlocked allowing more items to be used to create Combo Weapons. For example, unlocking throwing items and explosives allows any combination of those two categories to be used to make a Hail Mary.

Super Combo Weapons[edit | edit source]

Super Combo Weapons are specific combo weapons that are part of a series. Unlike standard combo weapons, they do not benefit from unlocking item categories. The only way to craft these weapons is by the specific combinations detailed on their blueprints. They are learned by finding gold colored weapons blueprints. Progressive versions of the weapon add additional benefits. For example, crafting a Grim Reaper requires a Katana and a scythe. A Fire Reaper is made by combining a Grim Reaper with gasoline, and so on.

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