Super Combo Weapons are advanced combo weapons that can be built in Dead Rising 3 that most often have higher durability and strength than regular combo weapons.

Blueprints for Super Combo Weapons are denoted by a golden color in the game rather than the blue in color regular Combo Weapons.

Some super combo weapons can be combined with another item to create an even deadlier weapon. This creates lines of combo weapons that are common in use, but increasingly stronger in damage.

For instance, the earliest super combo weapon Nick is exposed to is the Mecha Dragon. Though the destructive power of this weapon is notorious, it can be combined with Firecrackers to create the more powerful Flame Mecha Dragon.

Combo LinesEdit

Bomb Combo Line
Item 1 With Item 2 Creates
Propane tank RPG Big Bomb
Big Bomb Grenade Bigger Bomb
Bigger Bomb Gasoline Canister Huge Bomb
Huge Bomb Microwave Enormous Bomb
Enormous Bomb Laptop Massive Bomb
Robot Bear Combo Line
Item 1 With Item 2 Creates
Robot Bear LMG

Freedom Bear

Freedom Bear Dynamite Boom Bear
Freedom Bear Portable Stereo Cuddly Bear
Cuddly Bear Wheelchair Decoy Bear

Cuddly Bear

Boom Bear


Portable Stereo

Provoked Bear

Volatile Bear

Provoked Bear

Decoy Bear

Portable Stereo



Grisly Bear
Freedom Bear Wheelchair Pushy Bear

Boom Bear

Pushy Bear



Volatile Bear
Pylon Shout Combo Line
Item 1 With Item 2 Creates
Pylon Speaker Power Shout
Power Shout Portable Stereo Super Shout
Power Shout Battery Electric Shout

Electric Shout

Super Shout

Portable Stereo


Ultimate Shout
Buffet Cart Combo Line
Item 1 With Item 2 Creates
Drink Cart

Ham , or


(Meat) Buffet Cart
Drink Cart Large Soda (Drink) Buffet Cart

(Meat) Buffet Cart

(Drink) Buffet Cart

Large Soda

Ham , or Lettuce

Ultimate Buffet Cart
Traffic Staff Combo Line
Item 1 With Item 2 Creates
Traffic Light Battery Electric Staff
Electric Staff Propane Tank Electrofire Staff
Electric Staff Liquid Nitrogen Electroice Staff

Electrofire Staff

Electroice Staff

Electrofire Staff

Propane Tank

Elemental Staff
Grim Reaper Combo Line
Item 1 With Item 2 Creates
Scythe Katana Sword Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper Reaper Mask Death Mask Reaper
Grim Reaper Gasoline Canister Fire Reaper

Fire Reaper

Death Mask Reaper

Reaper Mask

Gasoline Canister

Ultimate Grim Reaper
Dragon Head Combo Line
Item 1 Item 2 Creates
Dragon Head Parasol Mecha Dragon
Mecha Dragon Firecrackers Flame Mecha Dragon
Mecha Dragon Katana Sword Mecha Dragon Blade

Flame Mecha Dragon

Mecha Dragon Blade

Katana Sword


Ultimate Mecha Dragon

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