Central Bridge
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Survivor(s) Jordan
DR 023 The Artiste
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Central Bridge is one of the bridges found in Dead Rising 3.

Central Bridge is under construction during the time of the outbreak. In order to make it across the bridge, a car must be driven across the wide gap, though it is also possible to run over using the remains of the supports. It connects Central City and Sunset Hills.

Failing the jump and landing in the area below will land you near the Los Perdidos River. Two stranded survivors can also be found here: Jack can be found standing on the Sunset Hills half of the bridge and Tara can be found on the Central City half of the bridge. 

If Nick isn't able to jump the gap with a vehicle, he is able to easily climb the bridge using the support beams and debris. If he falls down, he can climb up. If he needs to get across the bridge, he can very easily climb over to the other side without falling with some careful platforming.

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