Central Storage
Central Storage
Location Los Perdidos
Mission(s) Get to Central Storage
Find the Fuel
Get Into the Fuel Car

Central Storage is a location in Dead Rising 3.

It is a storage unit lock up underneath of the Central Bridge. It connects with the Underground Parking area and serves as a shortcut to get into Central City.

In Dead Rising 3's main story, Nick must come here to retrieve the fuel car that was left for him by Red. This is the first time that the King Zombie will be encountered. The blueprints for the Super Crossbow can also be found here. 

In the Fallen Angel DLC, the military is doing experiments on Illegals in their underground laboratory. Angel can kill the soldiers and open the storage units to find and save the missing Illegals.

During the Chaos Rising DLC, Hunter comes to Central Storage to retrieve a bike for Torque.



Storage Lockers

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Storage Lockers



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