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"Woooooeeee! Blazes, it's a real live one! Brother, am I ever glad to see you!"
—Chad, when he sees Chuck

Chad Elchart is a survivor appearing in Dead Rising 2, during the mission Lost... He has been separated from his wife after the outbreak and is searching for her. Chad reappears in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record with the same role, though he is found on the Silver Strip.


In the mission Lost..., Chad is found near a Dining at Davey's, shooting zombies with his shotgun. He explains to Chuck that after the outbreak at the Fortune City Arena, he and his wife Doris were separated. They had set up a spot where they would meet if they ever got lost during their stay in the city. He believes Doris may be by the Arena and will join Chuck to look for her.


  • Chad and Shaun Wexler share the same face model, as seen in the notebook.
  • Chad and Jeff Meyer from Dead Rising are both looking for their wives.
  • Chad appears as the icon symbol for the achievement Raw Emotion in Off the Record.
  • Chad will not defect if Doris dies, and he will still join Chuck's & Frank's group if Doris dies before you talk to him. However, Doris will defect if Chad dies.
    • If Chad sees Doris die, he might run to her body and cry next to it.
  • Despite being 32 years older than Doris, he moves much faster than she does.