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The Chainsaw is a weapon in Dead Rising.

It is a portable mechanical saw used for construction or woodcutting purposes. It is a heavy weapon that cannot be stored in Frank's inventory. It is gasoline driven, so it has to be switched on first and runs out of gasoline quickly.

Its durability can be increased by the Criminal Biography and Engineering books


  • Start Up: Tap the X button button to start up the Chainsaw.
  • Stationary: The Chainsaw is capable of damaging targets by simply coming into contact with them after it has started up.
  • Primary: Tap the X button button while running to swing the Chainsaw.
  • Secondary: Tap the X button button while standing still to swing the Chainsaw in a circle. This attack will give Frank PP with each attack.
  • Thrown: Hold down the Right trigger trigger to go into aim mode and press the X button button to throw the Chainsaw.


  • The speed of the primary attack is tied to movement speed, meaning that leveling up your speed stat and drinking Quickstep will also increase the speed of the Chainsaw's swing.
  • The word "HOMELITE" is stenciled on the side of the chainsaw and may refer to the worldwide power equipment manufacturer Homelite Corporation.