Chapter 1
"A zombie outbreak paralyzes the city, but if they can get to the military's quarantine station, there might be a way out for Nick and Rhonda."
—Chapter Description

Chapter 1 (Made in America) is the second chapter of Dead Rising 3.

It takes place during the second day of the game.


  • Combine Two Vehicles - Hold press Rbumper and Abutton to combine the two vehicles in the shop.
  • Get to the Quarantine Station - Drive to the Quarantine Station. Once Nick and Rhonda reach the Quarantine Station, they are ambushed by a gang of bikers. After Rhonda gets kidnapped, Nick must defeat 10 bikers.
  • Defeat the Gang Leader - After defeating the ten bikers, Hunter makes his appearance and attempts to run Nick over with his RollerHawg. A fight will then start, and Nick must defeat him to advance on.

Stranded Survivors Edit

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