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Chapter 2
"A close encounter with a zombie leaves Nick vulnerable, but he must make some uneasy alliances to get what he needs to survive."
—Chapter Description

Chapter 2 (It's Somebody's Funeral) is the third chapter of Dead Rising 3.


Side Missions[]

Stranded Survivors[]


  • In the crematorium, next to the coffin in the funeral chamber there is a painting of Otis next to the coffin. This implies that Otis died sometime between the events of Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 3 , because in Dead Rising 2, you can unlock an Otis costume by saving 50 survivors. The description of the outfit also supports this, saying "Otis won't miss this, trust us."
  • If you wait long enough after the cutscene where Gary says "Don't worry. I got a gun", he will eventually find a corpse and say "Holy Crap, this one's my ex mother-in-law. Sorry, Bertha." This implies that he had another wife in Los Perdidos before Rhonda.
  • If you stand by Otis' coffin long enough, Nick or Gary will say "That guy looks kinda familiar...," followed by "Don't know him."
  • As Nick turns on the TV at The Diamond Panty , a headline underneath the newscast reads "TONIGHT AT 8: 'LOS PERDIDOS: A NATION GRIEVES' WITH SPECIAL GUEST BIBI LOVE RECALLING THE HORROR OF FORTUNE CITY." It can be assumed then that Bibi lived through events of Fortune City and escaped with other survivors.
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Eat Food to Restore Health - Find a Weapon - Get Through the Blockade - Find Supplies - Explore the Tunnel - Find a Way Out - Get to the Diner - Combine Two Weapons - Get Everyone to Rhonda's Garage - Lower the Barricade - Get in the Car - Explore While Rhonda's Busy - Talk to Rhonda
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