Chase Carter
Chase Carter face shot
Job Journalist
Status Alive

"Not a goddamn zombie in sight. This is Chase Carter, wasting his time and yours, from 'FalseAlarmVille', USA."
—Chase Carter, moments before the East Mission outbreak begins.

Chase Carter (real name Chris Krabowski) is the main protagonist in Dead Rising: Watchtower and it's sequel Dead Rising: Endgame. He is a reporter who finds himself trapped with a small band of survivors in the East Mission outbreak.

He is portrayed in the film by Jesse Metcalfe.

Dead Rising: WatchtowerEdit

Before the outbreak, Chase worked as a photojournalist for HitPoint Digital. He was sent to East Mission to investigate a report which later turned out to be a false alarm. Suddenly, a zombie outbreak begins in the city, and every minute turns into a fight for survival. Chase meets Crystal O'Rourke and Maggie, and with the help of his cameraman Jordan, they team up to find out the truth about the outbreak and escape before it's too late.


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