Cheryl's Request
Cheryl's Request 4
Location Security Room
Start Time Time iconSeptember 21st, 9pm
Expires Time iconSeptember 22nd, 12pm
Survivors Cheryl Jones
PP 10,000
Dead Rising
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"Frank...This Cheryl girl says that she wants to talk to you about somethin'. She's kinda cute, so if I were you, I'd listen to what the little lady's got to say."
Otis Washington

Cheryl's Request is a scoop in Dead Rising.

It takes place in the Security Room on the evening of the third day. It involves taking pictures of Cheryl Jones. If Frank saved Cheryl Jones from the Movieland Warehouse during the A Strange Group scoop, Otis will call Frank asking him to return to the security room.


There must be at least 3 survivors in the room with Cheryl for Otis to call about this scoop, as is the case with all of the other request and mutiny scoops.[1]

Cheryl can be found in the room with the blue door on the right. Cheryl wants Frank to take pictures of her, focusing on her "important" parts. Frank can get some high scoring Erotica shots if he keeps snapping pictures while she poses. Frank gets up to 700 prestige points for each area of Cheryl's body. This includes her face, cleavage and lower waist.[2][3][4][5]

After a minute Cheryl will thank Frank and the request is fulfilled. Only one photograph is required to fulfill the request. Frank must perform this mission before the final case is finished.


Conversation with Cheryl
Dead rising cheryl
Dead rising cheryl's request (3)

"I have a favor to ask of you. It's really important and you're the only one I trust."

Frank: I heard you had something to discuss with me?

Cheryl: Well, I'm not sure "discuss" is the right word... Let's be less formal, Frank. I have a favor to ask of you. It's really important and you're the only one I trust. I want you to take a picture. A picture of me.

Frank: Sounds easy enough. But, why?

Cheryl: What do you think of me, Frank? I mean as a photographic subject?

Frank: Uh... Yeah... I... You're... um... provocative.

Cheryl: Things are lookin' grim. Who knows how this is all gonna turn out. I don't wanna die without leavin' something behind. I cannot stand the idea of just disappearing. So... Take my picture? I want you to take what's beautiful about me and put it inside your camera.

Frank: I'd be happy to... as a photographer and as a man. Where do you wanna do this?

Cheryl: Right here is fine. Come here.

Cheryl: Closer. I can feel your eyes on me. Alright. That's a wrap! Thanks. Take care of that picture, ok?[6]


Dead rising cheryl's request (2)

All survivors are resting..

Dead rising cheryl's request (4)

When Cheryl starts talking about erotic photos, everyone jumps up.

  • If Frank has answered every call, Cheryl's call is the call which unlocks the Transmissionary achievement, for a total of 38/39 calls.[7]
  • As Cheryl is talking to Frank about taking erotic photos, all of the survivors jump up. Nathan Crabbe cheers, pumping his hand. Heather Tompkins will look frustrated and protest with one word statements as Cheryl talks about modeling with Frank. As soon as the request is fulfilled, all of the survivors in the room simultaneously lay back down.


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This is one of several request/mutiny missions:

Request/Mutiny Time Requirement
1 Dead rising ronald Ronald's Appetite Time icon 7 pm Day 2 Any Food
2 Dead rising floyd Floyd the Sommelier Time icon 2 am Day 3 Wine
3 Dead rising kindell Kindell's Betrayal Time icon 12pm Speak with Kindell
4 Dead rising paul Paul's Present Time icon 5 pm Speak with Paul for Molotov Cocktails
5 Dead rising simone Simone the Gunslinger Time icon 8 pm Handgun
6 Dead rising cheryl Cheryl's Request Time icon 9 pm Photograph Cheryl

Except for Ronald's Appetite, all of these missions take place on the third day and involve Frank returning to the Security Room to assist survivors he has already rescued. Each is worth 10,000 Prestige Points.

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