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"I know my way around a zombie or two."
—Chuck to Raymond Sullivan

Chuck Greene is a major character of the Dead Rising series. He serves as the protagonist of Dead Rising 2, Dead Rising 2: Case Zero and Dead Rising 2: Case West, a psychopath in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, and a supporting character in Dead Rising: Road to Fortune, Dead Rising: Endgame and Dead Rising 3.


Former two-time national motocross champion, as well as a former "reckless playboy" who had settled into a happy family life,[2] he is now a widower and the father of Katey Ann Greene, who was bitten by her zombified mother in the Las Vegas Outbreak. He is an extremely resourceful mechanic, able to repair and construct anything he can imagine.[3] He is also a loving father who would do anything in order to protect his daughter from harm.

Dead Rising: Road to Fortune[]

Main article: Dead Rising: Road to Fortune

In the first issue of the series, Chuck and his family appear briefly at the end of the story driving to Las Vegas for a motocross tournament. Chuck is hoping to strike it rich for all of them once he wins, and reassures both his wife Pam, and his daughter Katey that despite Rebecca Chang's news reports of possible zombie outbreaks in the area, there is nothing for them to worry about.

The Last Kiss

Chuck shares one last kiss with his wife

At the site of Chuck's autocross tournament in the Las Vegas Arena, the crowd is cheering wildly, anxiously awaiting the start of the race. As Chuck mounts his bike, he tells Katey he loves her and shares a kiss with Pam (neither of them knowing this would be their last kiss). Pam takes Katey to the stands to watch the race and Chuck rolls up to the starting line.

Over in the crowd, unbeknownst to anyone, Phenotrans security chief Harjit Singh and his team of undercover Phenotrans' agents are eyeing the spectators meticulously. Each of them is carrying a jar full of queens, waiting for the opportune moment to release them into the city.

The race begins, and Chuck quickly gains a solid lead over his competitors. With his wife and daughter cheering him on, Chuck soars high above the crowd and leaves the other racers behind in a cloud of dust. Meanwhile, Harjit decides the time is "now", and drops his jar of queens to the ground. Knowing that is the signal, the other Phenotrans agents do the same, and people start getting infected left and right. As Chuck makes another pass, a cheering Pam is suddenly stung in the neck by a queen. When Katey asks her what happened, Pam shrugs it off and says that it was nothing more than a "bee sting". At this point, Harjit and his men have exited the arena and are driving out of Vegas as quickly as possible. Harjit makes a phone call to his boss, Marian Mallon, and tells her that so far, everything is going according to plan.

Chuck eventually crosses the finish line in first place, and triumphantly takes off his helmet and smiles happily. Happiness is quickly replaced with shock as he finally takes notice of what's happening in the stands. The "Las Vegas Outbreak" has begun. In a panic, Chuck frantically searches the zombified crowd for signs of his family. Likewise, within the crowd, Pam is desperately trying to protect Katey from the zombies; kicking or pushing aside any that get too close to them, and making her way toward the track as she tries to locate her husband. Chuck and Pam finally spot each other, and Chuck ramps up his bike. But before he can go another mile, a zombie suddenly jumps him, and knocks Chuck off his bike. Chuck manages to kill the zombie and reach his family, but while Katey seems fine, something strange is happening to Pam. At that moment Pam Greene's zombification completes itself, and she lunges at Katey, biting her in the left arm. Enraged, Chuck kicks his undead wife away, and tries to subdue her, but she overpowers him and knocks him to the ground. As Pam starts moving towards Katey again, Chuck grabs a screwdriver and impales his wife through the skull.

Katey's First Zombrex

Chuck gives Katey her very first dose of Zombrex

After Pam dies, Chuck realizes that Katey is going to need Zombrex and hastily prepares to escape the city. As the two Greenes make their final preparations, Katey asks her father whether mommy was coming with them. In response, Chuck sadly glances over at Pam's corpse, mumbles to himself, helps Katey onto his bike, and tells her that this time, they were leaving mommy behind.

Chuck and Katey frantically attempt to escape from the zombie-infested city. Chuck manages to blast through the crowd of zombies standing around his pickup truck (even though it costs him his bike), and hastily ushers Katey in. Ramping up the engine, Chuck's truck crashes its way out of the arena and onto the Vegas Strip where Chuck desperately begins searching for a pharmacy that may have some Zombrex. Luckily, he doesn't have to go too far.

Unfortunately, Chuck realizes that getting out of his truck under these circumstances would be plain suicide. So he tells Katey to cover her face and crashes the truck through one of the pharmacy's windows instead. Placing Katey on the checkout counter, Chuck begins searching the shelves for Zombrex. Finally, he succeeds and turns around just in time to see a zombified pharmacy worker advancing on Katey. Chuck gets the zombie's attention, and the two of them engage in a fierce battle with Chuck ultimately prevailing. Suddenly, Katey's skin changes to a sickly-gray color, and she begins moaning in a sound that would become all too familiar if Chuck didn't act fast.

In desperation, Chuck whips out the Zombrex and injects Katey through the neck (as opposed to her arm). Katey goes limp and doesn't make another sound. For the moment, Chuck thinks he has lost her, and somberly clutches her in his arms. But then Katey says "ow, daddy that hurt!" and happiness enters Chuck's life once again. Together they make their way back to Chuck's truck (killing a few zombies in the process), and manage to get out of the city without being detected by the military.

At the series's conclusion, Chuck and Katey drive past a road sign reading "Welcome to Still Creek, Population 753".

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero[]

Main article: Dead Rising 2: Case Zero

This game is set two years after Dead Rising and three years before Dead Rising 2. The Greenes were in Las Vegas, attending a motocross event when the city was overrun by the infected. During the outbreak, Chuck lost his wife to infection. She was zombified and infected their daughter through a bite.

Chuck must now give Katey two doses of Zombrex per day[note 1] to keep her from turning into a zombie. Chuck and his daughter manage to escape to Still Creek, a town approximately 46 miles from Las Vegas. When they stop at a local gas station for more fuel, someone steals Chuck's truck, which also has his daughter's Zombrex in it. As a horde of zombies arrive, Chuck barricades Katey inside the gas station and fights his way to a crashed ambulance in the military's abandoned quarantine zone, where he finds an unopened vial of Zombrex. He then overhears from the walkie-talkie on a dead soldier that the army is arriving to clean up the town, and orders are that nobody is allowed to leave Still Creek until then. After obtaining a damaged motorcycle and repairing it, and killing a psychotic mechanic intent on adding Katey to his "trophy" collection, he escapes Still Creek with his daughter during the confusion of the military's cleanup operation. He eventually finds his truck again; the thief died from unknown causes. He obtains more Zombrex, Katey's picture and belongings as well as his signature yellow racing jacket, before finally continuing his journey.

Dead Rising 2[]

Main article: Dead Rising 2

A single father, Chuck dotes on his daughter Katey whom he will do anything for, since the loss of her mother in the Vegas outbreak. He is an occasional gambler and is in Fortune City during the recent zombie outbreak with his daughter, as we already mentioned will go to great lengths in order to protect. He is a participant of Terror Is Reality and competes during the game so he can buy Zombrex for his daughter. It can be seen in the Official Captivate Trailer that Chuck is most likely sponsored by Zombrex as it is labeled on his motorcycle.

According to a news report by Rebecca, apparently someone impersonating Chuck caused the zombie outbreak in the Fortune City arena and the blame falls on him as well as the CURE protest group. Chuck tries to prove his innocence before the arrival of the military.

Dead Rising 2: Case West[]

Main article: Dead Rising 2: Case West

Taking off from where Dead Rising 2 ended (Ending A), Chuck is being attacked by an undead Tyrone King in the emergency shelter's elevator. Luckily, Frank West saves Chuck's life by bashing in Tyrone's head with a baseball bat. After Frank reveals that he was going to meet up with Rebecca to investigate Phenotrans, Chuck breaks the news that Rebecca was murdered and ends up accompanying him to the Phenotrans Facility west of the city, where Frank's source is situated, to help bring down Phenotrans after they wrongly-accused Chuck as the perpetrator behind the Fortune City outbreak.

At the facility, they cut the power and begin to gather evidence while trying to find Frank's contact. However, the zombified tourists and resort workers from Fortune City that were harvested by Phenotrans and brought to the facility were released from their holding pens, creating an outbreak. They used the confusion to evade security personnel but still managed to rescue trapped scientists and researchers. Eventually, they learn that the Zombrex drug is actually not synthetic, that it is still made from Queens and Phenotrans have been using inmates, homeless people, and kidnapping others, turning them into zombies, and using them to manufacture Zombrex. After a confrontation with Marian and fighting Harjit, they learn that Phenotrans has a cure but has withheld from releasing it to the public. Dr. Mallon then flees the facility, with a captured Isabela Keyes, and initiates the self-destruction of the facility.

Chuck and Frank escape the facility unharmed with the evidence to clear Chuck's name and vow to rescue Isabela and bring down Phenotrans.

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record[]

"The real threat is the people. An outbreak like this does things to men. The violence. The death. Seeing loved ones die... change. It makes people snap, just like that."
—Chuck Greene to Frank West, snapping a zombie's head off.
NOTE: Chuck's character in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record is non-canon.

Chuck returns in a what-if scenario on if Frank was the hero of the Fortune City Outbreak. Falling on hard times, he's taken on shabby, long hair and a deeper 5 o'clock shadow. It is implied that Chuck has become an insane alcoholic following his daughter Katey's death during the outbreak. Evidence of this is the doll duct-taped to the back of Chuck (which resembles Katey), as well as Katey's backpack and handheld gaming system found in a pool of blood in the Green Room of the Arena (these can only be found in the prologue during the escape from the Arena, prior to reaching the safe room for the first time). Chuck seemingly talks to Katey as though she's with him. He makes a few comments about the zombies, remarking that "They're annoying, sure, but they're easy to kill... kinda... kinda fun, even."

He appears in the mission People Like Us, where Frank inspects his custom TIR Slicecycle. Chuck then appears and orders him to get away from his bike. After approaching Frank, he apologizes, saying that he thought he was one of "those crazies" and that he has been dealing with "nutbars" all day while also talking to a mannequin doll duct-taped to his back that resembles his late daughter, Katey. Frank, visually disturbed, tries convincing Chuck to go with him to the Safe House, but he refuses, saying that "Katey" needs her Zombrex every 24 hours and asks if he knows what would happen if she didn't get her drug every day. Eventually, Frank makes a mistake when he accidentally grabs "Katey's" leg and tries convincing him to go with him, but then, Chuck gets angry and demands him to get away from "her", which then, he throws his bottle of whiskey at Frank and tries punching but misses, but manages to kick Frank in the chest, knocking him to the ground. He then gets on his bike and begins trying to run Frank down.

After Frank defeats him, Chuck is flung from his bike and lands on the ground. He goes over to check on "Katey" even though she is just a head with her body a few feet away from Chuck. He is then shown to talk to Katey saying everything is going to be fine and that nothing else matters. Then he is seen supposedly dying as Frank turns around and grabs the Combo Bay Key. Frank turns back to Chuck only to discover that he mysteriously vanished. Frank quips about how strange their encounter was, and it is implied that Chuck escaped alive (although his status in the notebook states he is dead). In a Q&A on Dead Rising 4, the team said that they didn't want to kill Chuck even in a non-canon game, so they said he just escaped.[Verification needed]

Frank obtains the combo bay Key upon Chuck's defeat.

Sandbox Mode[]

Chuck will appear in Fortune Park riding his Slicecycle, and has a very similar attack pattern as he did in Story Mode. When defeated, he drops $25,000.

Dead Rising: Endgame[]

At the ending of Dead Rising: Endgame, Chuck arrived in a helicopter to save Chase Carter, Jordan Blair, and Sandra Lowes from zombies at Afterlife. Chase thanks him for saving them, but Chuck thanks him for helping him and his daughter.

Dead Rising 3[]

"I used to be the guy that solved problems, not caused them."
—Chuck to his daughter

Two years prior to Dead Rising 3, Chuck had been suffering from stress after constantly having to look for more Zombrex for Katey in order to keep her unregistered from the government. Chuck chose a life of crime and became a major mob boss. He used his status as a way to gain access to Zombrex.

Katey decided to run away, believing herself as a burden to her father after seeing Chuck becoming stressed from all the work he has been doing. Chuck began to ruthlessly search for his daughter after her disappearance. Luckily, Chuck was able to have someone to help search for his daughter; that man being Gary Finkel.

After being informed of Katey's whereabouts, Chuck heads to Los Perdidos, California, only to find the city in a middle of a zombie outbreak. Days later, Chuck, with the help of Gary, finds Katey, only to see her kissing a mechanic and using her middle name as an identity.

Although wary of Nick at first, Chuck warms up to him after they team up to stop General John Hemlock. He also appears to accept the romantic connection between Nick and his daughter fairly quickly, but also reinforces the fact that her name is not Annie and he doesn't like her to be called that. It is unknown what happens to Chuck after Los Perdidos, but it can be assumed that he returns to a normal life after Katey is cured and no longer needs Zombrex.

Dead Rising 4[]

Although he does not make a physical appearance in Dead Rising 4, he is mentioned in a few of the game's collectibles.

Vintage Newspapers 4
  • In one of the newspaper collectibles, there is an article that can be found celebrating Katey's birth. According to the article, Katey was born in Las Vegas, Nevada at exactly 7:38PM. It also mentions that Chuck was racing in Ingleton, which means that he would have been to Los Perdidos prior to Dead Rising 3. Assuming that Katey was born in 2004, this means that Chuck, about 22 years old at the time, had been famous in motocross for at least 4 years before the Las Vegas Outbreak in 2008.
  • Chuck is once again mentioned through one of the Personal Mysteries. In the 'Terror is Romantic' personal mystery, it details an (intentionally badly written) fanfiction about TK and Chuck together in a romantic relationship.


  • Chuck has a scar on his right eyebrow. It was more than likely received sometime shortly before Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, as his eyebrow appears to be freshly injured in Case Zero.
  • The theme when fighting Chuck in Off the Record is called "Firewater".
  • Chuck was portrayed by actor Victor Webster in Dead Rising: Endgame.[4]


1541055-chuck greene

Chuck's appearance as a static image in Left 4 Dead's "The Sacrifice" comic

For more on Chuck's development, see Dead Rising 2 Artbook#The evolution of Chuck Greene.
  • During the game's development, Chuck's last name was Reid,[5] a play on the color "red." His final last name, Greene, plays off this, as it is a variation of "green."
  • The brand of Chuck's jacket is "Ijiek", the romaji for the first name of the creator of Dead Rising, Keiji Inafune, spelled backwards. Whenever he wears Ijiek brand sports wear, it always has the number 4 on it. Chuck's jacket is also an avatar clothing item if the game was purchased as an Xbox 360 pre order from
  • Dead Rising 2 producer Shin Ohara stated in an interview:
    • "The big difference about Frank West and Chuck is Frank was all about himself. He wanted to get the scoop and that was all he was after. In terms of Chuck, he has an infected daughter, Katey, and he has to clear his name because he’s being framed. It’s not just about himself, but it's for someone else. That’s the biggest difference between those two characters and makes Chuck’s story a little more interesting."[6]
  • There seems to be a glitch when fighting Chuck in Sandbox Mode where if the player has full health, Chuck will ram Frank against a wall or railing and get glitched as Frank is still underneath Chuck's bike as Chuck will finally get free and all of the health blocks will disappear as Frank gets up only to fall back down again.
  • The theme song "Firewater" sounds very similar to Metallica's Song 'Sad but True' but slightly shortened version.
  • In Resident Evil 6, one of the alternate costumes for Piers Nivans resembles Chuck Greene's default outfit but with Resident Evil related patches.
  • Chuck's quote in "People Like Us", stating that the zombie killing is sometimes fun, was a reference to the purpose of the whole Dead Rising series that heavily featured killing large amounts of zombies as an entertainment.
  • In Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, there are two entries for Chuck in the notebook, one for the psychopath, and one for when he appears in co-op play.
  • Unlike Frank , if the player decides to dress him up in feminine clothing items, he will react semi-negatively. If dressed in children's clothing, he will say something like: "I'm a big boy now!". Also, if dressed in a piece of clothing with the prefix 'Funny', Chuck will laugh hysterically for a few seconds.
  • In Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, there are no stitches on Chuck's scar during game play if the player changes Chuck's outfit.[Verification needed]
  • Chuck's picture makes an appearance in Left 4 Dead's "The Sacrifice" comic part 3. It can be seen above the jukebox on page 101. There is also a secret link in the blog showing a reskinned Ellis (a main character, and playable survivor, from Left 4 Dead 2) with a Ijiek t-shirt, congratulating the Dead Rising 2 team on their release.
  • In Dead Rising 2: Case West, Chuck also uses a camera. The camera that Chuck is using is the one that Frank is promoting on the "Frank's Foto Facts" trailers for Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.
  • In Dead Rising 2: Case Zero and Dead Rising 2, when he calls out to survivors being escorted, his mouth isn't moving. This is fixed when Frank calls out to survivors in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.
Tumblr m8atu96T4D1rn4obco5 1280
  • Chuck's signature weapon is the Paddlesaw.
  • In Dead Rising 2, his dialogue gave some hints about other characters' fates. He told Rebecca (who got shot in the head by Sullivan) to "not lose her head" earlier. Meanwhile, he also said that Sullivan (who would get bisected after the boss fight) is "not leaving in one piece".
  • Despite the game being non-canon, Chuck's appearance in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record looks strikingly similar to how he looks in Dead Rising 3.
  • In Off the Record, the zombie that Chuck kills in his introductory cutscene is the exact same model of zombie that attacks and kills him in Ending F of Dead Rising 2.
  • In Off The Record, if Chuck or Frank photographs the other wearing the Banana Hammock, they will gain an Erotica bonus.
  • After the fight with Chuck in OTR, Frank will say, "I swear I've met that guy somewhere before." This is a nod to them teaming up in Dead Rising 2: Case West.
    • Similar to Frank's quote, if Co-op Chuck delivers the final blow to psycho Chuck and defeats him, he will say "Is it me, or did he look familiar?"[Verification needed]
  • In Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Chuck makes an appearance as a Rank C Capcom card in the DLC feature Heroes and Heralds Mode.
  • In "Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3", Chuck's color scheme was used as an alternative color scheme for Frank West and Chris Redfield.
  • Before there was the idea for the Ijiek jacket, Chuck was supposed to wear bike goggles, a long-sleeved motocross shirt, a fingerless black glove, and caterpillar boots. This can be found in the art gallery for Dead Rising: Road to Fortune.
  • During his pre-fight cutscene in Off the Record, Chuck tells Frank that he's "been dealing with nutbars all day long" This is a reference to the other psychopaths in Dead Rising 2.
  • Like Frank, Chuck's age isn't shown in the notebook in Off the Record. He is also the only one to appear in the notebook twice.
  • Chuck has been in every Dead Rising game since his debut in Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, except for being mentioned in Dead Rising 4. This makes him having the most appearances in the Dead Rising games, appearing in a total of five games.
  • His early psychopath design for Dead Rising 2: Off the Record shows Chuck carrying a weapon similar to the Boomstick while wearing reinforced clothing.
  • In Off the Record Chuck gains most of Franks new abilities. Ex.- Snapshot, Zombie Walk, Celebrate.
  • Chuck's framing for the Fortune City outbreak draws an eerie parallel to how S.T.A.R.s members from Resident Evil were targeted by maligned corporate intentions. Chuck was a survivor of the Las Vegas epidemic caused by the now defunct company. Drawing on more than mere coincidence that he was singled out by their associate TK to be the patsy for said disaster.
  • According to the TIR section of the Fortune City site, Chuck's quote is "I love the smell of the rising dead in the morning", possibly referencing the game title. This is also a reference to the quote of Lieutenant Colonel Bill Kilgore in Apocalypse Now.
  • In Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, it was speculated that Chuck would teach Frank West how to create combo weapons; however, this turned out to be untrue, with Chuck acting as one of the game's psychopaths and Frank being able to create combo weapons by himself (though in a less refined manner compared to Chuck).
  • Chuck bears a striking resemblance to the actor Aaron Eckhart.
    • He also resembles the actor Thomas Jane.
  • In Off the Record, there is a photo op after he rams you with his Slicecycle: he will start drinking whiskey, which gives 1,000 PP, and in addition, he will eventually throw up after three swigs of whiskey, which gives Outtake points.
  • A reference to Chuck can be found in the lyrics of "His Name's Frank" by Lifeseeker: "Motocross jackets are nice, but Frank's style is priceless."
  • Chuck was originally intended to star in a DLC episode of Dead Rising 3, where he would've worked alongside the police. In the end he appears as a cameo if the player gets overtime mode.[7][1]
  • Chuck was set to return as the playable protagonist of Dead Rising 5 until it's developer studio, Capcom Vancouver, shut down in 2018, effectively resulting in the game's cancellation.[8]



  1. Eventually only 1 dose per day is needed, as the drug progresses throughout the years between Case Zero and Dead Rising 2.


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