Chuck Greene: Cross Dresser?
DR2 A 022 Chuck Greene Cross Dresser
Description Changed into all the clothes in the game. Zombie invasion is no excuse for poor style.
Item Unlocked Dealer Outfit
Trophy/Points Value 20G

Chuck Greene: Cross Dresser? is an achievement/trophy in Dead Rising 2.

It is unlocked by changing into all available clothing in the game, which can be done across multiple playthroughs.

Getting this achievement unlocks the Dealer Outfit in the Safe House locker.



  • DLC clothing and unlockable outfits are not required for the achievement.
  • There are some costumes that are stored in suitcases or shrubs. This includes the Hula Dress, Dealer Outfit and Dealer Visor. The Flower Head Piece is hidden within a bush near the center rock passageway in Fortune Park.
  • The only missable piece of clothing is the Dr. Metal shirt, which Chuck can only access when he visits the Tape it or Die crew in Kokonutz Sports Town during the unannounced mission Tape It or Die 1.


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