Dead Rising 2 - Chuck the Role Model Off the Record - Case 2-2: A Familiar Face 

Chuck the Role Model
DR2Chuck the Role Model
Location Americana Casino bathroom
Start Time 5PM, September 25th
End Time 12AM, September 26th
Psychopath Brandon Whittaker
PP 20,000 (Psychopath Defeat)
10,000 (Join Bonus)
20,000 (Escort Bonus)
"Chuck... Looks like there are some survivors holed up in the men's restroom in the Americana Casino. Check it out! I think I saw someone from CURE!"
Stacey Forsythe

Chuck the Role Model is a mission in Dead Rising 2. It involves the insane CURE activist Brandon Whittaker who is feeding survivors to zombies.

The Off the Record mission equivalent is Case 2-2: A Familiar Face.


Chuck Greene finds an insane CURE activist named Brandon Whittaker getting ready to feed Vikki Taylor to a zombie. He instantly recognizes Chuck and tells him that he is 'fighting the oppression' the same way Chuck was accused of doing.

Brandon opens a stall and lets out a zombie to try to eat his Vikki Taylor. After Chuck shoves the zombie back into the stall to save the hostage, Brandon accuses him of 'losing the courage to finish what you started'. He then picks up a Glass Shard and tries to kill Chuck.

After Brandon is beaten, he stumbles into the stall the zombie was in and gets bitten on the face. Realizing he is just been infected, Brandon commits suicide by slitting his own throat.

Chuck then is able to rescue Vikki Taylor and escort her back to the Safe House.

Mission DialogueEdit

Battling BrandonEdit

Dead rising brandon bust


Brandon can be a surprisingly difficult foe for the ill-prepared player. This fight is likely to be one of the first boss fights Chuck has, and can be extremely difficult as a low-level character. It is highly recommended Chuck has at least one piece of food, such as wine, and a gun.

Brandon is fast and his attacks are brutal. Trying to follow him as he jumps through the stalls can be disorienting. It is recommended to stay near the bathroom entrance, clear of the stalls, eliminating his two major advantages: His sneak attacks, and being surprised by his speed. With the distance, Chuck should be able to adjust to his oncoming attacks much easier.

If Brandon starts going into hiding and trying his sneak attacks, stand at the stall nearest to the entrance of the men's bathroom. After a while, Brandon will jump out of the second stall from Chuck and onto a huge bloodstain, where he will be partially dazed and vulnerable. Run up to Brandon and hit him with an alternate attack, with a weapon such as the Spiked Bat or Knife Gloves. After that, back off quickly.

Stand near the entrance away from the stalls, and wait for him to charge Chuck. Run away as he charges. When he gets close enough, he will attempt a jumping stab. If Chuck is running away from him while he does, this he will miss and hunch over, gasping for breath. Hit him twice then back off; after Chuck hits him, he will slash around then jump into the stalls.

Do not take survivors when fighting Brandon. If you have some following you, order the survivors to wait in the women's bathroom during the battle. In the men's bathroom, Brandon can and often will target them, and can very easily kill them. Survivors who are brought into the fight will attempt to attack Brandon, and if given ranged weapons, will cause Brandon to use his berserk knifing against Chuck without giving a chance to recover.

Melee weapons

  • This mission can run at the same time as Case 3-2: Run for the Money. Grab a Merc Assault Rifle from a dead mercenary, make a Blitzkrieg with a battery and wheelchair found close to the nearby maintenance room, and use it against Brandon.
  • There's a glitch with Brandon's AI that allows Chuck to kill him very quickly; Chuck will need a fast melee weapon, such as the Knife Gloves or an electric guitar. After he performs his jump attack, hit him twice with the weapon. Now jump away, and he should perform a spinning attack. Run up and hit him once then jump away again, and he should perform the same spinning attack. He will repeat this, as long as Chuck runs up and hit him every time he spins. Until he dies or Chuck gets hit, this tactic can be used to kill him very quickly.
  • If Chuck has a melee weapon, keep distance, as when Brandon gets close enough, he will do a jump attack. Jump out of his way and he will then be tired and open to attack. Repeat this step and he will be easily defeated.
  • Another tactic is to get a chainsaw. When Brandon jumps into the stalls, stand to the side of the cubicle. When he jumps out, attack him and he will then jump back into the cubicle. Repeat this until he is beaten.

Ranged weapons

  • Using a ranged weapon, even when given to another survivor, will cause Brandon to go berserk and pounce on Chuck, followed with repeated stabs. This attack is dodgeable by jumping away when he leaps at Chuck, but it will still likely damage Chuck at least once per leap.
  • Using a fire weapon on him will temporarily stun him.[1]
  • Chuck can easily beat Brandon with a shotgun.
  • For players who are having trouble with this fight: Run out of the bathroom door and go right. Brandon will follow Chuck to a certain point and turn around and retreat into a stall. He will jump out once Chuck inches through the door, giving Chuck a chance to fire at him while backing out the door. Repeat this tactic until Brandon is dead. This technique is almost foolproof, as Brandon will always turn around at the same point in the hallway, allowing Chuck to pass his turnaround point and shoot him in the back as he returns. A sniper rifle is ideal, but any gun will work.


  • Drinking a Quick Step can help Chuck match Brandon's speed.
  • Brandon's health will not recharge in your absence, and Vikki will not take damage either. This allows Chuck to leave the bathroom and heal at the BBQ Shack.


Trivia Edit

  • The music used in this fight is a shortened version of Eon by Celldweller.



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