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Clear a Path
Clear a Path
Difficulty StarStarStarStarStar
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Enemies Jo Zombie
Location Paradise Plaza
Mission Number 17
"Frank! There's some people runnin' from the zombies, but there's a barricade in the way! Destroy it and save everyone!"

Clear a Path is a second amendment mini-game in Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop.

A Jo zombie is chasing Jeff Meyer. Frank must shoot the objects barricading the way to Jeff's wife, Natalie.


Jeff will always run on the same sides of the barricade, so memorize where he goes, and quickly shoot the objects in his way before Jo hits him. If Jo hits Jeff once, the mission will fail.

There is a point where Frank has to shoot a gas canister blocking Jeff's path. Shoot it when he is a decent distance away, or he will die. Some objects take two shots to get rid of. Do this fast and accurately enough, and get the S rank.

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