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"Don't get no closer or I'll blow ya'll to kingdom come!"
—Cletus Samson to Frank West and James Ramsey

Cletus Samson is a psychopath appearing in Dead Rising and survivor in Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop.

He is the immensely distrustful owner of Huntin' Shack in the North Plaza. Cletus also appears as a psychopath in Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop but becomes a friendly survivor after defeat, offering to sell Frank weapons. 

The Gun Shop[]

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As Frank entered Huntin' Shack, he found James Ramsey trying to persuade Cletus into giving the other survivors guns, stating that they were necessary in order to fight zombies. Cletus refused and then threatened James, demanding that he stay away. James ignored the warning and proceeded to walk towards Cletus. In response, Cletus shot him in the chest, sending him flying out of the store. Cletus then pointed his shotgun at Frank, saying that he couldn't afford to trust anybody.

After he was defeated, Cletus surrendered and fled to get away from Frank. He hypocritically admonished Frank for wanting guns so bad that he was willing to kill for them. Cletus then stumbled into a zombified James, who then attacked and killed him.

Battle Style[]

  • Shotgun: Cletus's main attack is by firing his shotgun at Frank's direction. It is capable of sending Frank flying back and knocking him to the floor. Cletus will fire his shotgun for up to six times in a row, or until he hits Frank, before reloading.
  • Lift Up: If Frank attempts to jump over the counter, Cletus will hurl Frank out. In Dead Rising Chop Till You Drop, Cletus can jump out the counter and hurl Frank out.
  • Wine: Sometimes Cletus will take a bottle of wine and take a swig, this recovers his health.
  • Crouch: Whenever Frank aims directly at him (the crosshair is directly on Cletus), Cletus will crouch behind the store's counter and crawl out of his aim to avoid being attacked.
  • In the Wii edition of Dead Rising, Cletus is ostensibly able to leave the relative safety of his counter when half of his health is depleted and engage Frank head-on.  

Infinity Mode[]

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In Infinity Mode, Cletus first appears in the Huntin' Shack from 2:19:00 to 3:07:00 and is armed with Shotgun. In his equipment he carries a Grapefruit, a Wine, a Well Done Steak, a Battle Axe and Sledgehammer. Later Cletus appears again in Huntin' Shack from 5:19:00 to 6:00:00 and he carries the same items he had before.

Chop Till You Drop[]

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This article is from a game that is considered to be non-canon.

In Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop, Cletus can be rescued by killing the zombies attacking him and then pulling him back into his store. He will then agree to sell his guns to Frank and fix his broken blacktail gun.

He will remain in his store until the Special Forces arrive.


  • The voice actor for Cletus Samson is Bill Farmer who also voices Ryan LaRosa, Floyd Sanders and Jeff Meyer. Bill Farmer is best known for voicing Goofy and Pluto in the Mickey Mouse series.
  • He is the first optional psychopath in the Dead Rising series.
  • If the player heads to the Huntin' Shack as early as the game allows them to, Cletus will not be inhabiting the shop, and the player can take weapons early. This would be a much fairer fight against Cletus later.
  • The song that plays during the fight with Cletus is from the Dead Rising OST, and is performed by Hideki Okugawa and Marika Suzuki.
  • He is not listed in the credits.
  • In the cutscene before Frank fights the gun shop owner, Cletus shoots the ceiling, trying to scare Frank and James away. After the cutscene, there is no apparent sign of damage when looking at the ceiling.
  • In the Gagaga SP Trailer, Cletus and Jo humorously get into a slap fight.
  • Cletus is one of the few psychopaths in the series that encourages the use of a firearm to defeat him (melee weapons are not recommended as Cletus will throw Frank back over the counter).
  • Cletus is similar to Seymour Redding, as both have western accents and use a form of firearm against the protagonist.
  • When exiting his shop in Chop Till You Drop he will say "Ya'll come back now ya hear?" which could be a reference to the TV show the Beverly Hillbillies.
  • Cletus is among the few psychopaths to have justified reasons for their actions. As a gun shop owner, Cletus is rightfully afraid for his life since the psychopaths will naturally gravitate towards his store for weapons. They'd be more than willing to kill him for the guns, and survivors would be prepared to kill him out of desperation for survival. To Cletus; he's simply defending himself from any would-be attackers and looters who'd kill him for personal gain. Unlike the other psychopaths; Cletus took no pleasure in killing James and even fired a warning shot to make him keep his distance, but James ignored the warnings from both Cletus and Frank. Also, Cletus won't chase after Frank once he leaves the store, and after the fight, he surrenders and runs away from Frank because he believes he'll kill him to take over the shop.
  • After defeating Cletus, he will say in the cutscene "Are you crazy? You want guns so bad you're willing to kill for them"? This is quite ironic considering Cletus is crazy and killed a survivor for wanting a gun.
  • Considering the number of wine bottles behind the counter, Cletus's behavior can possibly be attributed to being violently drunk as a result of comfort drinking.
  • Cletus's death is similiar to Randall Tugman's, as they get killed by the zombie version of a person they previously killed. 
    • Ironically, Cletus killed James, and James killed Cletus after reanimating.  
  • If you haven't already killed him, then Cletus is not found on Day 3. Instead, the Huntin' Snack is occupied by Brett StylesAlyssa Laurent, and Jonathan Picardsen, who presumably killed him, or occupied the store after (if) Cletus left Willamette Mall. It's also possible that Cletus was killed by zombies or moved on.
  • Despite being classified as a psychopath, Cletus is actually quite sane, he is more or less just extremely cynical and cautious. 
  • When Cletus takes a drink of wine, he gives Frank the opportunity to take his picture for a photo op. 
  • Cletus is one of the five psychopaths, that were killed by zombies, the others are Brock, Randy, Bibi and Kenny.  
  • He is the one pictured in the "Bullet Point" achievement, for obvious reasons.