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Clint Rockfoot is a movie star in Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. He is also credited as "Producer" on all of his movie posters, which activate combo cards when examined.

The combo cards for these seven movie posters are part of the Curiously Inventive achievement.


Dead Rising 2 combo cards[]

Location Combo card Movie Poster Text
Combo card poster revenginator 7 bam blow bow and arrow
Food Court south side of Cucina Donnacci.
Dead rising Blambow poster location
Dead rising Blambow poster map
Blambow Revenginator 7 Clint Rockfoot

Half Man. Half Machine. All Revenge.

Revenginator 7 ...

Coming Soon

Combo card poster freedom bear
Yucatan Casino outside the men's bathroom
Dead rising Freedom Bear poster location Dead rising Freedom Bear poster map
Freedom Bear Stop or my bear will shoot

Combo card poster spiked sword and sheild pit vikiing
Atlantica Casino near the fortune park entrance.
Dead rising Holy Arms poster location Dead rising Holy Arms poster map
Holy Arms Pit Viking

Pit Viking his enemies are in a hole lot of trouble...

Now Playing

Combo card poster laser sword laser knight

Paradise Platinum Screens

Dead rising combo card poster laser sword (2)
Dead rising combo card poster laser sword
Laser Sword Laser Knight 12.25.2011 He came from the past to protect the future...from the present 2114 1953 2011 Clint Rockfoot as Laser Knight...12.25.2011

Items.txt: "ComboCardPosterE"

Combo card poster paddle party massacre
Platinum Strip in front of Slot Ranch Casino
Dead rising Paddlesaw poster location Dead rising Paddlesaw poster map
Paddlesaw Paddle Party Massacre

Chuck can watch this movie.

Combo card poster snowball cannon dr brainfreeze
Palisades Mall - second floor, between Ned's Knicknackery and Brand New U Snowball Cannon, Freezer Bomb Off the Record Dr. Brainfreeze

Combo card poster tenderizer

Royal Flush Plaza outside of Casual Gals

DR2Tenderizer Poster
DR2Tenderizer Map
Tenderizers Blood Round 4 Blood Round 4

He only answers with his fists ...

Now Playing

Found only in Dead Rising 2 game files[]

Location Combo card Movie Poster Text
Combo card poster bazooka bad boys
Bazooka Bad Boyz
Combo card poster flaming gis clint war is firey hell
Flaming G.I.'s Clint Rockfoot

War is Hell. Hell is Fire. Fire is War. War is Firey Hell.

Flaming G.I.'s


Dead Rising 2 Off the Record[]

Location Combo card Movie Poster Text
Dead rising 2 off the record clint rockfoot poster uranus invaders Uranus Zone
Dead rising Laser eyes poster looking at Dead rising Laser eyes poster map
Laser Eyes Uranus Invasion Clint Rockfoot...Women are from Venus, but he prefers Uranus...Uranus Invasion...Now Playing
Dead rising Super Massager poster location South Plaza room with Ray Teller in WWJWD?
Dead rising Super Massager (1) Dead rising Super Massager poster map
Super Massager Massage-o-Tron 3000
Dead rising 2 off the record clint rockfoot poster kangaroo apocalypse Hallway between Arena and Americana Casino, at the entrance to the save point bathrooms.
Dead rising Decapitator map location
Decapitator Kangaroo Apocalypse


  • All of the movie posters with blurry credits at the bottom have the same text, it is clearest on the Pit Viking poster:
    • BCG Studios Presents a Rockfoot production 'MOVIE NAME' Clint Rockfoot Sung Kim...etc.
  • On a PC, posters are found in the data/streamedassets.big file


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