Clocktower Tunnels
Dead Rising Clocktower Tunnels
Scoop(s) Overtime Mode
Dead Rising
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The Clockwork Tunnels are a location available during Overtime Mode in Dead Rising.

It is used by Isabela and Frank to escape Willamette from the Special Forces.

The Clocktower Tunnels are a set of sewer tunnels located under the clocktower in Willamette Parkview Mall's Leisure Park.

After Ed crashes into the clocktower, Frank discovers that there is a tunnel under it filled with zombies. He shows Isabela, who discovers that the remains of her antidote she used on Frank seem to repel the zombies. When inside the tunnels, Frank must hold hands with Isabela so that the repellent affects both of them. There are several points where Isabela must crawl through a drain to open a switch to get through grates blocking the tunnels.

Near the end of the tunnels, Special Forces appear. At this point, the repellent is weaker, and Frank must carry Isabela. Once they pull a switch to open a gate, they manage to evade special forces and escape on a Humvee following the path that takes them to the Construction Site.



  • If the player examines Frank's watch, he will say "It looks like the battery died" and the time will read 11:00AM.


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