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The Clothing Locker or Chuck's Locker is a locker located in the Safe House bathroom in Dead Rising 2. This locker contains clothing acquired:

Full Beard Moustache
Dead rising Full Beard Moustache
More hair for Chuck to wear

Found: Royal Flush Plaza, Wave of Style

Locker Full Beard Moustache
Knight Boots
Dead rising Knight Boots

Found: Purchased from Platinum Strip Moe's Maginations pawnshop for $2,000,000.

Locker Knight Boots
Knight Helmet
Dead rising Knight Helmet
Protect your head with this medieval classic

Found: Beating Welcome to the Family's Jack Ellis in Ante Up.

Locker Knight Helmet
Knight Armor
Dead rising Knight Armor

Found: Finishing Overtime Mode which gives Chuck the "Justice Served" Achievement/Trophy.

Locker Knight Armor
Bare Feet
Dead rising Bare Feet (Dead Rising 2)
Chuck's bare feet
Chuck's locker bare feet
Dead rising Underwear
Did it just get cold in here?
Chuck's locker underwear
Chuck's Default Clothing
Dead rising chuck's default shirt and pants
Chuck's default jacket and jeans
Chuck's locker chuck's default clothes
Chuck's Default Boots
Dead rising Chuck's Default Boots
Chuck's Default Boots
Chuck's locker chuck's default boots
Chuck's Default Hair
Dead rising Chuck's Default Hair
Chuck's Epic mane restored to glory
Chuck's locker chuck's default hair
Chuck's Default Face
Dead rising Chuck's Default Face
Chuck's default face, Katey's favorite
Chuck's locker chuck's default face
In Case Zero:
Bowling Shirt
Dead rising Bowling Shirt
Nothing says "athleticism" like bowling clothes
Chuck's locker bowling shirt
Diner Waitress
Dead rising Diner Waitress
Comes with a notepad for taking orders
Chuck's locker diner waitress
Hunting Jacket
Dead rising Hunting Jacket
Hunting ducks and hunting zombies are remarkably similar
Chuck's locker hunting jacket
Dead rising Overalls
Great to wear when changing oil or killing zombies
Chuck's locker overalls
Downloadable content:
Ninja Skills Pack
Dead rising Ninja Skills Pack
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Psychopath Skills Pack
Dead rising Psychopath Skills Pack
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Soldier of Fortune Pack
Dead rising Soldier of Fortune Skills Pack
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Sports Skills Pack
Dead rising Sports Skills Pack
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