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The Clown Car is a vehicle and weapon found exclusively in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.

The Clown Car can carry up to 8 passengers, the most of any vehicle in any Dead Rising game. The Cramped Quarters achievement is awarded for doing so.

The Clown Car spawns at the following times/locations:[1]


  • The Clown Car, like the 4x4, can be driven through Uranus Zone's Alien Head entrance connecting to Fortune Park.
  • In the art gallery on the start menu of Off the Record, revealed that Capcom had planned another Clown Car but with Adam MacIntyre. However, it is not in the game.
  • The Clown Car can be pushed around by walking into it.
  • The Clown Car features the sight-gag of the rear bumper being shaped like a pair of buttocks, with the exhaust pipe sputtering a plume of green gas.
  • There is a logo featuring Evan MacIntyre on the back of the Clown Car with the slogans "I Love Ice Cream" and "Stilt Clown Extraordinaire", these two details, along with it's general color scheme and appearance indicates that this vehicle is owned by Evan himself.
  • The Clown Car is a humorous reference to the traditional circus gag of having many clowns emerge from a seemingly small vehicle.
  • Taking a picture of the rear of The Clown Car will award Frank an Outtake picture worth 50 Prestige Points



  1. Times according to the OTR Missions.txt file.