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Coffee Creamer (Dead Rising)
Dead rising Coffee Creamer
Type Food
Health HealthHealthHealthHealth
Found Security Room
Seon's Food & Stuff
North Plaza
Cardboard Boxes
Dead Rising Food
Dead Rising
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Coffee creamer is food in Dead Rising which heals Frank and survivors.

Two coffee creamers and an apple will spawn near Jessie's desk in the Security Room during the game's beginning. After Case 1-4 at roughly 11 PM, Brad will bring extra supplies including another coffee creamer and apple (Frank must be in the Security Room somewhere for a cutscene that causes these to be spawned). However, after Case 2-2, they will stop spawning.


  • On the label of the coffee creamer, it says "Chocolate Milk." It is unclear why this item is called "coffee creamer", as the model and its location in Seon's Food and Stuff make it clear that it is chocolate milk.


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