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Colombian Roastmasters (Dead Rising 3)
Colombian Roastmasters Central City.jpg
Store Number SH133 (Sunset Hills)

CC120 (Central City)

Location Sunset Hills
Central City

Colombian Roastmasters is a location in Dead Rising 3.

It is a coffee shop chain with a store location inside the Sunset Hills Metro Station. There is a separate store location in southern Central City. It is one of the restaurants that Nick can visit for the Dine and Dash PP trial, which requires him to visit ten different restaurants in Los Perdidos.

The spool of wire can be found in the metro station location during the mission Find Some Wire when Nick finds himself locked inside the station during Chapter 7.

At the Central City location, the Tactical RC Gunner blueprint can be found on the rooftop which can be accessed by jumping from The Burgess-Dawson.

During Dead Rising 3: The Last Agent, a collectible Bootleg Zombrex can be found at the Central City location.

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