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Dead rising Colombian Roastmasters (Paradise Plaza) PANORAMA.jpg
"Our unique and patented technique of quick-roasting our specially selected beans to seal in the favor allows you to sample a coffee taste you've only dreamed of."
—Willamette Parkview Mall Map

Colombian Roastmasters is a café located on the second floor of Paradise Plaza in Dead Rising.

There is a branch store in Al Fresca Plaza, making it one of only three establishments in the Willamette Parkview Mall to have multiple locations.

Kent Swanson appears in this restaurant over the course of Frank's stay in Willamette. On one of his visits to the restaurant, he holds a man hostage.

Frank can find a Blender here to make mixed drinks, and an oven that can be used to turn Uncooked Pizza into Golden Brown Pizza and Raw Meat into Well Done Steak.


PP Stickers[]

Columbian Roastmasters Neon Sign PP Sticker.png
The PP Sticker can be seen on one of the neon signs hanging from outside the store.


  • Colombian Roastmasters is confusingly one of three chain stores in the mall which has more than one location and the same name, the other chains being Estelle's Fine-lady Cosmetics and Modern Businessman. Dead Rising 2 also uses many of the same store names from Dead Rising in its mall.
  • In the refrigerator by the cash register, there are two sections that allow Frank to pick up a drink: orange juice and milk, though in the milk section, Frank picks up orange juice.
  • There are infinite pies that Frank can gain access to by breaking the glass display.