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The computer case is a weapon in Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.

It can be combined with a flashlight to create the Hacker.


Dead rising computer case main.png
  • Main: Tap X button/Square button to swing the computer case.

Dead rising computer case combo.png
  • Combo: Quickly tap X button/Square button again to perform a second swing.

Dead rising computer case combo 2.png
  • Combo 2: On the third consecutive tap, Chuck will use the computer case like a ram, charging ahead.



  • Dead rising Computer Case 5.png
    The default case color is red. In the PC game file items.txt, there are three other computer case colors:[1]

Dead rising computer case yellow.png

AlternateTextureName0 = "data/models/weapons/computercase_ylw"

Dead rising Computer Case.png

AlternateTextureName1 = "data/models/weapons/computercase_grey"

Dead rising Computer Case green.png

AlternateTextureName2 = "data/models/weapons/computercase_green"

  • The cash register has the same game controller combination and attack animation as the computer case. The battery and amplifier have the same attack animation.



  1. For example, in the PC file yucatan_casino.txt (Yucatan Casino) is the alternate skin:
    cItemPlacement ComputerCase
     IsStatic = ""
     ItemName = "ComputerCase"
     Location = "299.614,0.068,-247.868"
     PropState = "-2"
     Rotation = "-0.001,-0.476,0.000,0.879"
     TextureSubType = "2"