Dead Rising
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The Sewer Treatment Plant is Dead Rising location. Frank must defeat Brock Mason in a fist-fight, without weapons, firearms, or health items here.

In Overtime Mode, after Isabela and Frank escape the zombie-filled clocktower tunnels by unleashing the undead on the Special Forces soldiers and hijacking a Humvee, the pair arrive in an arena-like location. The sewer treatment plant is a large open space area with some concrete structures.

Soon after the arrival of Frank and Isabela, Brock Mason, commander of the Special Forces, arrives in a tank. Isabela is forced to engage in battle, as she shoots a turret while Frank drives around the site, which has been closed off. As the tank chases the Jeep, it releases Special Forces Drones while firing missiles.

After the tank is disabled, Frank fights Brock, unarmed, while Isabela attempts to defend herself in the overturned Humvee. After Brock is defeated, he faintly smiles as he falls right into a crowd of zombies that later devour him.

According to Dead Rising: Road to Fortune, Frank and Isabela used the tank to escape Willamette where they were eventually stopped and detained by Agent Cornell.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The sewer treatment plant is a good location to kill a lot of zombies for the Zombie Genocider if Frank is near 53,594. Frank can capture a queen and kill up to 500 zombies at once.
  • In Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop, the fight is the same but Frank can use firearms, though no damage is done to Brock. Just as Brock is about to die Frank will have to perform a final combo move to finish him off.

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