Contraband Conditions
Contraband Conditions
Location Los Perdidos Bridge
Survivor(s) Marcus Wolfe
PP 25,000
"Hey, pal. Banged-up tough guy down on the highway by Ingleton. Go in peace, man."
Jamie Flynt

Contraband Conditions is a side mission in Dead Rising 3 that takes place during Chapter 5.

Jamie will only call for this side mission after Diego has been brought back to the warehouse.


As Nick arrives close to the west end of the Los Perdidos Bridge, he sees Marcus Wolfe blow up a van. When he gets closer to him, he notices that he's injured and asks if he's okay, but he shrugs it off. He explains that he rode in a gang for ten years before the rest of them left him for dead, and that he's been blowing up their vans (filled with contraband) as revenge. He then asks Nick to help him out by blowing up some of the Contraband Vans.

There are five of these vans scattered around the lower part of the city. One is located on the Los Perdidos Bridge, near the South Almuda exit, one is located in Central Storage, one is located in front of the Zip Gas in Central City, one is located on the South Bridge, near the Central City exit, and one is located at Huge Industrial Co. Some of these vans are guarded by bikers. After destroying all of them, Marcus is impressed by Nick's skill and joins his posse.


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