Cora is a character in Dead Rising 3: The Last Agent.

She is a doctor working in Los Perdidos during the outbreak. She is one of the main characters in The Last Agent.

The Last Agent[edit | edit source]

Cora is Brad's main point of contact throughout the course of the game. Brad helps Cora with her patients at the hospital who need Zombrex, and in return, Cora provides Brad with valuable information. Realizing that the Zombrex chips are malfunctioning, Cora tries to examine chips from King Zombies to figure out what the problem is.

Upon realizing that the chips were purposely sabotaged, she sends Brad to go and find Nelson, a hacker who is hiding in Sunset Hills. After Brad works with Nelson and discovers the plot behind the outbreak, Cora once again contacts Brad and asks him to meet her back at the hospital. One of Cora's patients managed to secure a large armored ZDC vehicle that can be used to escape the city. After picking up Cora and all the remaining survivors in the city, they all escape the city together before the bombing commences.

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