Craven Consultant
Craven Consultant 1
Location Bite the Bull
Survivor(s) Ravi Uppal
PP 10,000 PP
"Some Scrawny dude hiding in Bite The Bull, Sunset. I think he needs a friend, man"
Jamie Flynt

Craven Consultant is a side mission in Dead Rising 3.

It can be completed at any point during Chapter 2.[1]


Nick finds a survivor named Ravi hiding in a storage room of the Bite the Bull restaurant where he works. Ravi, who is terrified to move, asks Nick to find him a chainsaw and a meat cleaver so that he can be better armed against the zombies. There is a meat cleaver in the kitchen area of the restaurant, and a chainsaw can be found at Big Buck Hardware in Sunset Hills. [2]

Once Nick brings him both items, he will combine them to create a new combo weapon. Nick will receive the blueprints for the Mini Chainsaw, and Ravi will also give him his newly crafted weapon to use, now realizing the dangerous power of the weapon.

He will become a part of Nick's posse after the mission has been completed.




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