Cryo Pod
Dead rising Cryo Pod
Type Combo Weapon
How to Make Fire Extinguisher + Escape Pod
Uses 1
Strength Great
PP 150
Fits in Inventory No
"Smash that pod on the zombie and let it do the rest. It'll be zombies on ice!"
—Combo Card Description

The Cryo Pod is a combo weapon found exclusively in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. It is created by combining a fire extinguisher with an escape pod.

After placing this combo weapon on a zombie, the creature will float around helplessly, while any zombies who shamble underneath will get frozen solid.[1][2] If Frank steps on the ground frost that the weapon creates he will slip on it.[3]

It is a heavy item that Frank cannot keep in his inventory.

Attacks and Combo CardEdit


  • Frank West slips a little on the white exhaust left by cyro pod.


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