Cucina Donnacci
Deadrising2 2010-10-02 20-30-59-87
Store Number F102
Location Food Court
Survivor(s) Cinda Smith
Psychopath(s) Antoine Thomas
Mission(s) Tastes Like Chicken
"Come sample the finest cuisine of Italy in the heart of the USA. World renowned Chef Antoine has expertly crafted each recipe to deliver a symphony of flavor!"
—Fortune City map description

Cucina Donnacci is an Italian restaurant located in the Food Court of Fortune City in Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. This is where a psychotic chef Antoine Thomas holds Cinda Smith captive.

It contains six stoves that can be used to heat pans for a 1,000-PP bonus.





  • If the player throws a weapon into the ceiling, it will go through the ceiling and not come back down.
  • One of the first six beta pictures, released in February of 2009, Chuck is riding a dirtbike in front of a Cucina Donnacci with a different facade, spelled "Donacci".


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