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The Cult Leader (real name unknown) is one of the optional Maniac boss fights in Dead Rising 4. His weapons are the Deck the Halls .

Frank encounters him and the True Eye cult at The Peaks Motel, when the leader says a speech to a group of mannequins. He notices Frank and starts sending out the cultists onto him. After defeating him, Paula will tell Frank to not drink the "punch", as it makes people believe anything.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Cult Leader's battle theme is Albert Contiello's theme from Dead Rising 3, "Greed Battle".
  • The Leader's clothes resemble the clothes worn by Sean Keanan, the original leader of the True Eye. This could possibly imply that at some point in his life, he may have been named as a successor to either Sean or another unknown and unnamed cult leader in between the events of Dead Rising and Dead Rising 4.
  • Prior to the final update, he fought with a set of Deck The Halls. In the final build available, he wields a unique greatsword. Fittingly, it's one of the strongest weapons in the game.
  • Sometimes he will drop a Special Sword
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