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The Cultists' Hideout is a Dead Rising hideout in Leisure Park. It is referred to as the Movieland Annex on Frank's map. The hideout can be found inside the room in between the North Plaza and Paradise Plaza entrances.

There are shelves of boxes, a purple couch and cigarette dispenser, crates, ladders, film reels and other equipment. The True Eye have set up several spot lights shining on a large blanket with the True Eye crest that has been draped up on the wall.

Should Frank West get himself captured by the cultists, he will find himself in the same bloody crate he rescued Jennifer Gorman from. After climbing out, stripped bare of his clothing and weapons, he will find a dozen cultists in the room. The only way to escape from the electronically locked door is to find the passcode, which can only be obtained by defeating all the cultists.

In Dead Rising, any survivors escorted when Frank is captured will remain in the same plaza and will slowly lose health, while in Chop Till You Drop, the escorted survivors are also brought into the room unharmed.


PP StickersEdit

Cultist's Blanket PP Sticker On the red blanket in the middle of the hideout.

In order to photograph this sticker, Frank must be captured by the True Eye cult.

Cultists' Hideout PP Sticker

On the Ticky the Fox cardboard cutout.

In order to photograph this sticker, Frank must be captured by the True Eye cult.


  • When a cultist throws his/her arms up, the same animation as pulling out a stick of dynamite, instead of going suicidal, he/she will charge at Frank and grab onto him, allowing others to stab Frank.
  • There are some posters advertising movies, such as Pride, Ratman and Mega Man 2. (See gallery)
  • There are some Ticky the Fox cardboard cutouts. (See gallery)
  • According to the power boxes in the hideout, Willamette Electric Power Company does the mall's electricity. (See gallery)


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